Chinese Ship Enters Natuna, CENTRIS Asks Government to Take Action

loading… JAKARTA – Main Secretary of the Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla), Laksda S Iriawan said the ships China from North Natuna Waters near the South China Sea often interfere with the mining activities of Indonesian ships. “Even the Chinese coast guard ships are still disturbing or overshadowing the work of noble rigs with Indonesian flags … Read more

Reminds Foreign Intervention, China Urges Vietnam Not to Exaggerate SCS Dispute

loading… HANOI – Minister of Foreign Affairs China Wang Yi insisted Vietnam to not exaggerate the conflict South China Sea (LCS) in dispute. On the other hand, China warned Vietnam of outside interference. This was revealed by Wang Yi during a meeting with Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh. “We must value the hard-won … Read more

China Advised to Retaliately Send Warships to US Territorial Waters

loading… BEIJING – China recommended to send the warships to territorial waters United States of America (US). It was in retaliation after Washington sent an aircraft carrier and several warships into the South China Sea. The suggestion was delivered The Global Times, media belonging to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, in an … Read more

Beware of War, US-British warships begin to ‘encircle’ China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Tensions between China and the United States (US) and its allies are rising again. This comes after China decided to enforce its latest maritime law in China South China Sea (SCS). Since September 1, China has imposed maritime identification rules. Where Beijing asks each ship specifically to report its position when entering … Read more

China passes new maritime law, US sends destroyer to South China Sea

loading… WASHINGTON – Navy’s 7th Fleet United States of America (USA) announces an American destroyer sailing near the Spratly Islands in South China Sea on Wednesday (8/9/2021). The voyage was made a few days after China enact new maritime identification rules covering disputed waters. The USS Benfold, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, sailed within 12 miles … Read more

Ask to Invade the World? China Makes New Rules at LCS

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government China took a new step to strengthen its position in the South China Sea (SCS). Beijing will require each special vessel to report its position when entering the waters of its territorial claims. Quotes The Hindu, China’s Maritime Safety Administration said that this rule will take effect from Wednesday (1/9/2021). … Read more

Asking to be beaten by 1 world, China in less than 24 hours will enforce inconsequential rules in the South China Sea

Sosok.ID – South China Sea still a strange problem for the country in the surrounding area. The reason is that China’s claims to the busy waters are getting worse. Beijing is increasingly showing its arrogance, even though they understand very well that the region also stands on the claims of several countries such as the … Read more

America Must ‘Talk’ in the South China Sea

WE Online, Washington – Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday that the United States welcomes competition and does not seek conflict with Beijing. However, Harris continued, the US will talk about issues such as maritime disputes in the South China Sea. During visits to Singapore and Vietnam, Harris accused China of oppressing its neighbors in … Read more

Malaysia Shoots 3 Missiles in the South China Sea, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Military Malaysia reportedly fired three anti-ship missiles, in the South China Sea (SCS). This was done last week, in the country’s first war drills since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The training lasted six days. Similar exercises were conducted in 2019 and 2014. Quotes Radio Free Asia, the exercise involved 1,000 members … Read more

US and Indonesia Want Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) and Indonesia committed to maintaining freedom of navigation in South China Sea . This commitment was conveyed by both parties in Washington when US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the launch of a “strategic dialogue” with Indonesia, Tuesday. Also read: Biggest US War Exercise Involves 36 … Read more