Out of context? Shohei Otani’s touching speech was deleted by the Japanese media, and the word “Taiwan” was only kept in China and South Korea |

2023-03-23 22:18 Comprehensive report by United News Network The Japanese team won the World Baseball Classic. Shohei Otani mentioned in an interview after the game: “Not only Japan, but also South Korea… The World Baseball Classic officially ended on the 22nd, and the Japanese “Samurai Team” led by Shohei Otani won the championship. Shohei Otani … Read more

South Jakarta Guest House Prone to Fighting, SOTR Convoy Will Be Disbanded!

Jakarta – Pesanggrahan Police ban the activity of undercover convoys sahur on the road (SOTR) during Ramadan. This is done in order to prevent the occurrence of brawls that often occur in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. “According to the direction of the Kapolda, we will protect the area from disturbances from security and order. During Ramadan, … Read more

In the name of God | In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal | Netflix premiere | documentary that denounces the abuses of religious cults in South Korea | SKIP-INTRO

“In God’s Name: Holy Betrayal” (In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal) is the name of the new documentary series that Netflix premiered on March 3, which tells the dark history of religious cults in South Korea. “This documentary series looks at the chilling true stories of four Korean leaders who claim to be … Read more

ChatGPT has written the script for a new South Park episode about ChatGPT – The Knife

Creators of South Park used ChatGPT to create a new episode called Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is listed in the credits as a co-writer of the script. In a new series, South Park students discover they can use a neural network to do their homework. With her help, they write essays, as well as romantic … Read more

The Earth without water: drought from South America to Europe

Technology by Elena Comelli Climate change causes a global shortage, affecting economies around the world. Italy in the lead in Europe for water consumption for civil use 5′ of reading It’s spring, the season in which rivers and lakes swell with the water flowing down from the mountains, but this year the magic isn’t done. … Read more

Grief Mother-Baby in South Sulawesi Died After 17 Hours Stretched to Hospital because of Damaged Road

Jakarta – A pregnant woman named Eva (18) in the Regency North Luwu, South Sulawesi (Sulsel), died with her baby after being stretchered in a sarong for 17 hours. Eva died on the way to the hospital (RS). “Yes, it’s true, the mother and baby in her womb died,” said one of Eva’s family, Proverbs, … Read more

The kids from River dominated the Sub-17: four summoned to the South American

Selection Diego Placente defined the list of summoned for the South American in Ecuador that begins in a few days and River is the club that will have the most representatives. By Luciano Garcia Dresch 20/03/2023 – 15:49hs ART © ArgentinaRuberto and Echeverri, two of the River Plate natives summoned by Placente. By Luciano Garcia … Read more

Advanced Technology Joint Military Exercises, South Korea, US Ignore North Korean Missile Threats

Monday, March 20 2023 – 14:52 WIB VIVA World – South Korea (South Korea) and the United States (US) held a high-tech joint military exercise with increased “intensity and realism”, said the South Korean Army on Monday, March 20, 2023. They said the drills were part of a combined effort to increase deterrence against North … Read more

Peru, Chile, Antarctica? Experts fear bird flu outbreak in the far south

EPA/Serfor PeruPeruvian authorities are investigating a sea lion that is said to have died of bird flu NOS News•yesterday, 12:57 Erika de Jode editor online Erika de Jode editor online Skunks, sea lions, foxes: they are the most recent victims of bird flu, in a global outbreak that has now lasted a year and a … Read more