Raphinha’s transfer to Barcelona sparks a scandal, Leeds United boss threatens

TWITTER.COM/INFOSFCB Brazilian winger, Raphinha, was officially introduced as a new Barcelona player in the 2022 summer transfer market, Friday (12/7/2022) morning WIB. BOLASPORT.COM – Transfer Raphinha the Barcelona turned out to be a new scandal. Owner Leeds UnitedAndrea Radrizzani, even gave a threat to El Barca. Giant Spanish League, Barcelona indeed become the most active … Read more

Slow monkey pox vaccination campaign sparks anger among gay men: ‘I lied about having sex with infected person to get the shot’

Monkeypox is not a they problem but a us problem: why isn’t the vaccine available to everyone who wants it?© Photo Marcel Molle Daan Keijzer Friday, August 5, 2022 at 10:21 am Zaandam Too slow and too stigmatizing. For example, the vaccination campaign against the monkeypox virus is experienced by two gay men, who are … Read more

Sheba Currency Team publishes a video that sparks community curiosity

Sheba’s official Twitter account posted a mysterious video, sparking the community’s curiosity with what appears to be the team’s next project. Some community members suggested that the logo depicted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while other users claimed to have seen a treasure chest. It should be noted that on July 20, Sheba’s Twitter account … Read more

Stunning James Webb Space Telescope image sparks scientific frenzy

The stunning deep-infrared image of the universe by the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed 42 new galaxy lenses, revealing an unprecedented depth of lens shape, eventually helping us see the first galaxies. unveiling of James Webb Space Telescope Deep shot of US President Joe Biden in a special presentation White House event Who was … Read more

US vloggers are gang raped in Pakistan, sparks public outrage

loading… A 21-year-old American vlogger and activist is gang-raped by two men in Pakistan. Foto/SINDOnews.com/Illustration ISLAMABAD – One person vlogger and activist United States of America (USA) 21 years old raped take turns by two men in Pakistan . The crime sparked outrage from the public, who considered it a “state disgrace”. The victim, whose … Read more

Austenmania. The new film based on a novel by Jane Austen sparks controversy

Thanks to the love that cinema feels for Jane Austen (1775-1817), even those who have never read a single paragraph of her novel know her well. Last Friday, and almost simultaneously with the 205th anniversary of the death of british novelist, which is commemorated this mondaypremiered on Netflix an original adaptation of Persuasion, another of … Read more

Why did T. Rex have short arms? New dinosaur sparks debate again

AFP/Carlos Paplio NOS News•Friday, 22:57 Ivo Landman editor Online Ivo Landman editor Online It’s a question that’s haunted people since the discovery of the first Tyrannosaurus rex fossils: Why did the terrifying predator have those crazy short front legs? Paleontologists have discovered a new dinosaur species in Argentina that looks a lot like T. rex, … Read more

With war in Ukraine, Putin sparks nuclear arms race | Columns

Premium The best of De Telegraaf The nuclear threat has increased after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After all, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has serious consequences for non-proliferation, i.e. the development or acquisition of nuclear weapons. The non-proliferation treaty dates back to the 1960s to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

British Military Nuclear Weapons Convoy on Highway, Sparks Outrage

loading… A convoy of British military trucks carrying nuclear weapons crosses the M6, the country’s most famous highway. Photo/Westmorland Gazette LONDON – Military English carry out a convoy of loaded trucks nuclear weapons across the M6, the country’s most famous highway. The convoy has angered anti-nuclear weapons campaigners as it also passes near schools and … Read more

Arrest of Muslim Journalist in India Sparks New Outrage

loading… Indian Muslim journalist Mohammed Zubair has often highlighted the marginalization of Muslim minorities in India. Photo/Mohammed Zubair/Twitter NEW DELHI – Police in the Indian capital, New Delhi, arrested a Muslim journalist on Monday night (27/6/2022) for allegedly hurting religious sentiments. The arrests were widely criticized as the latest example of shrinking press freedom under … Read more