Latvia is threatened with international legal proceedings because there is no plan to combat invasive species / Article

January 29, 3:00 p.m Added January 29, 4:53 p.m Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Māris Sprindžuks On January 26, the European Commission has decided to refer Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Latvia and Portugal to the Court of Justice of the European Union for not implementing the various provisions provided for in the regulation … Read more

‘Omicron CH.1.1’, a worrying species Avoid immunity from 3 doses of mRAN vaccine, causing severe inflammation

Keep an eye on ‘Omicron CH.1.1’, a worrying strain Avoid immunity from 3 doses of mRAN vaccine, causing severe inflammation The Medical Genome Center, Ramathibodi Hospital posted a Facebook page. Center for Medical Genomics Stating that many parties are watching Omicron “CH.1.1” that found a pandemic in New Zealand have immune evasion mutations superior to … Read more

FC Barcelona publishes a guide with 34 species that live in the Camp Nou

Large sports stadiums, generally dominated by concrete, metal and plastic structures, do not appear to be the best environment for wildlife. But, looking in detail, even the facilities of a first division football club are home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles and mammals common in urban and peri-urban environments. FC Barcelona has looked … Read more

Portugal sued for not fighting invasive species

29 January 2023 at 21:32 Brussels understands that efforts are “unsatisfactory and insufficient”. ICNF has already completed the plan and is waiting for approval. The European Commission will proceed with a court action against Portugal for lack of measures to prevent and manage the introduction and spread of invasive alien species. The Ministry of the … Read more

New Species of Duckbill Dinosaur Fossil Found in Texas – All Pages

David Breguet Reconstruction of the duck-billed dinosaur Aquilarhinus palimentus, a hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Aguja Formation.—Fossil new species duck beak dinosaur reported to have been found in Texas, USA. Paleontologists have described it as a previously unknown genus and species of hadrosaurid dinosaurs. The new species is scientifically named Maleficent decker you. The findings … Read more

Endangered species. A new Pacific porpoise SOS operation is launched.

The race against time has resumed off Mexico against the extinction of the Pacific porpoise, the world’s most endangered marine mammal due to illegal fishing fueled by demand in China. 1.5 meters long, it is the smallest cetacean in the world. The small silver cetacean is easily recognizable by the dark circles around its eyes … Read more

Is it true that horseshoe crabs are the oldest animal species that are still alive today? : Okezone techno

Jakarta – Universe has always been a mystery to scientists. So far, scientists have only been able to identify objects in the universe and everything else possible. But can scientists explain the end of the universe? Scientists agree that the universe has no end. One of the analogies that scientists often use to describe the … Read more

Some bumblebee species can hyperventilate when temperatures rise, new research shows – NRK Trøndelag

Like most bees, bumblebees have it tough. They are fighting a battle against pesticides, habitat loss and parasites. This has ensured a sharp decline in their stocks. Up to 75 percent of the species has disappeared in certain places. Now scientists have discovered another threat. Global warming can give bumblebees breathing problems. These results were … Read more

Sint Maarten is going to completely eradicate exotic monkey species, AAP Foundation furious about ‘immoral’ plan | inland

On Sint Maarten, the government has approved a controversial plan to eradicate the entire population of vervet monkeys, a species of monkey. The non-native monkey species would cause great nuisance. The AAP Foundation makes an urgent appeal to Sint Maarten to refrain from this. The government of Sint Maarten has asked the NGO Nature Foundation … Read more

13 New Mollusk Species Discovered on Kolguev Island, Play an Important Role in Purifying Arctic Water

loading… A total of 13 new species of freshwater mollusks were discovered on Kolguev Island, Barents Sea, Russia. Photos/Quora ARCHANGEL ENGLISH – A total of 13 new species of freshwater mollusks discovered on Kolguev Island, Barents Sea, Russia . Scientists found more mollusks near Kolguev after the glacier retreated. Kolguev is a small island in … Read more