listening to music makes it possible to regain the use of speech more quickly

In a new study, researchers found that speech recovery after stroke was made easier by listening to music. A stroke is very often a very impacting event in a life. In order to help patients suffering from Stroke to regain the use of speech, a study reports conclusive results around daily listening to music. This … Read more

Its value is 8.8 million dollars.. What is the story of the speech that lit the torch of the Olympic movement?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On November 25, 1892, the founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, learned the hard way that participation really matters. The day was meticulously planned, and after years of research, the 29-year-old Baron announced his idea to revive the Olympic Games in ancient Greece in the modern era. … Read more

Don’t hang out with this woman, Bochkor – The radio sent his student to hell

On Friday morning, a listener wrote such a repulsive message about the guest of the show, singer Évi Sári, that Bocsi’s brain burst at that moment. As it turned out, it is precisely because of such speakers that the presenter is not present on social media sites. On Friday morning, a listener wrote such a … Read more

“He blew a hose”: this frantic speech by Francis Lalanne could not go unnoticed … (video)

The 62-year-old singer, who has become a figure in the yellow vests, gave a more than heated speech in front of a crowd of anti -ax protesters. This Saturday, July 17, Francis Lalanne participated in a demonstration of yellow vests in Paris, on the sidelines of that organized against the health pass and the compulsory … Read more

How Filip had to adjust his speech at the last minute…

The devastating floods have dominated King Philippe’s July 21 speech. He even had to re-record part of his speech, which had already been on tape for a week. The corona crisis was inevitably the second important theme. Filip also paid a subtle tribute to the British Queen Elizabeth and her recently deceased husband Prince Philip. … Read more

A rocket attack took place in the Afghan capital just before the presidential speech

About 8 p.m. (6:30 a.m. Lithuanian time) missiles could be heard in the well-guarded Green Zone, home to the presidency and several embassies, including the US mission. “Afghanistan’s enemies have launched rocket attacks in different parts of Kabul today,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanikzai said. “All the missiles hit three different parts of the city. … Read more

National holiday: the King salutes the solidarity and humanity of the Belgians in his speech

For the National Day, Philippe obviously lingered on the floods, but also on the health crisis. To underline the resilience capacity of Belgians and the benefits of solidarity between citizens and between levels of power. Une week after the start of the historic and deadly floods in Wallonia, the King could not fail to mention … Read more

Minute of silence, royal speech, testimonies of the victims … Belgium takes a moment to remember the victims of bad weather this Tuesday

Belgium observes a day of national mourning on Tuesday following the devastating weather and floods that hit the country last week and which have claimed the lives of 31 people so far, according to the latest official report. The country froze for a minute of silence and meditation at noon, and the flags were half-masted. … Read more

Wang Ziru joins Gree Electric as the leader of Cultural Training and Communication Center: Live speech photos exposed-People-cnBeta.COM

Regarding the online news that “Technology media Zealer founder and digital evaluation blogger Wang Ziru joins Gree Electric”, some media learned from people familiar with the situation,The news is true. Wang Ziru is currently under the organization of Gree President Office and Cultural Training and Communication Center.According to screenshots exposed on the Internet, an article … Read more

Reni Tolvai brilliantly cut back on Gabi Tóth, who criticized him

Sometimes a little humor, some emoji, is enough to settle the “misunderstanding” even without social media battles between two celebrities who don’t have to be afraid anyway when it comes to articulating their opinions. And a perfect example of that Tolvai Reni and Gabi Tóth esete. The latter recently remarked breathlessly that he noticed that … Read more