What is at stake for Kaag and Van der Plas

Pressed right. Desperation on the left. The parliamentary elections revolve around nitrogen and thus the gap between the Randstad elite and the rest of the country. Why Sigrid Kaag invokes a patron saint, Caroline van der Plas prepares a parody of Thierry Baudet and why you should not compare one Judas with another. Political editor … Read more

Hive suspends SM takeover process… Remaining stake, what happens to platform collaboration

As Hive suspended the process of taking over SM Entertainment, Kakao took over SM. Instead, Hive decided to do platform business with SM and Kakao. However, issues such as how to handle the 15.78% stake in SM that Hive has secured so far and the platform collaboration method remain controversial. Hive issued a press release … Read more

Bond writer at the bottom. Investors play vabank, less than a hundred million are at stake

Almost a hundred million crowns of creditors in a trap and a month indisposed company executive constantly apologizing for court proceedings. Such is the story of the bond issuer Český průmyslový holding, over which the Municipal Court in Prague declared bankruptcy at the end of January. The company has several “invisible”, so-called below-limit bond issues … Read more

Index – Economy – The solar panel market has exploded again, our wallets are at stake

Since the outbreak of the energy crisis, the solar panel market has been boiling over, and a series of questions have been pouring in. The most far-reaching challenge is rooted in the fact that the main pillar of the energy supply of European countries in general, including Hungary, was calibrated to a large power plant … Read more

War in Ukraine: Americans warned Zelensky that his life was at stake. The CIA helped him

18 Jan 2023 at 17:43 I Paid content The US secret services learned about Russian plans to kill Zelensky. The article continues below the video advertisement The article continues below the video advertisement WASHINGTON, BRATISLAVA. It was January 2022 and the Americans had been warning since November that Mask surrounds Ukraine by soldiers not to … Read more

Ita, the German Lufthansa presents the offer for a minority stake in the airline to the Treasury

As expected, the German company Lufthansa he presented his proposal to the Treasury on Wednesday in view of the entry of the capital of Ita. The goal, reads the press release, is “to agree on the initial acquisition of a minority share as well as options for purchasing the remaining shares at a later time”. … Read more

The king of meme shares bought a stake in Alibaba and insisted on buying back the shares

Investor Ryan Cohen bought up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Alibaba shares and demanded to speed up the buyback by increasing its volume, The Wall Street Journal found out. Cohen previously invested in GameStop and Bed Bath & Beyond meme stocks. Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti Activist investor Ryan Cohen has bought … Read more