The star Wafaa Amer can no longer stand the differences of her sister Aiten Amer and Reham Hajjaj!! She revealed a dangerous secret to the public with unprecedented boldness!!

2022/06/29 It’s 06:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian actress, Wafaa Amer, boldly revealed for the first time the dispute between her sister, Aiten, and the artist, Reham Hajjaj. During her meeting with its show time program, broadcast on CBC, the artist said: The disputes that took place between her sister Aiten and … Read more

Rock star Sun Yu’s original “Rebirth” debuted as a call for the courage to “stand up”

Source title: Rock star Sun Yu’s original “Rebirth” debuted for the courage to “stand up” Rock star Sun Yu’s latest original song “Rebirth” was launched today. This new song is his first single after signing with the company, and it also means that Sun Yu has started a new journey in his music career. For … Read more

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah receives a resounding slap from Barcelona that no one expected

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that Barcelona refused to return to the idea of ​​contracting the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, because of his agreement with the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, the star of Bayern Munich. Barcelona determines its position on contracting with Salah “The Sun”: Liverpool determines the price of Mohamed Salah … Read more

The Hubble telescope discovers a star that swallowed the planets.. I know the details

The Hubble telescope has found evidence of a white dwarf devouring rocks and icy bodies from its own system, which indicates the possibility of the presence of water and other volatiles in the farthest parts of our galaxy, and the discovery of icy objects could warn that a “water reservoir” may be common at the … Read more

The Overseas Deck Star card has sold tens of millions

The rare Triple Logoman card from Panini features patches from James’ former teams Cleveland and Miami and current Los Angeles Lakers. At the auction, an attack on an absolute record of 6.6 million dollars was expected, for which a collector’s card of former baseball player Honus Wagner was sold last year. Panini only produced five … Read more

Asensio settles the deal .. Mahrez and Bayern star on Real Madrid’s radar!

The Algerian star is on the radar of Merengue .. but on one condition It seems that Real Madrid has not finished everything in the summer Mercato, contrary to what was recently circulated about Carlo Ancelotti’s contention with the Antonio Rudiger and Aurelian Chuamini deals. But this time, a high-caliber deal awaits Al-Mirengy, in which … Read more

A Rare Star Is Born What Looks Like a Mini Milky Way | Dust Disk | Spiral Star

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time June 28, 2022]It’s hereMilky WayInside, astronomers discovered a star just 26,000 light-years from Earth,dust diskis in a spiral shape, making the star look like a miniatureMilky Way。 The peculiar star was discovered by an international collaborative research team using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile to observe the … Read more

4 eggs a day, the star Salwa Othman lost 14 kilos in just two weeks.. The method will surprise you and you will not be able to expect it!!

2022/06/28 It’s 04:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite In just two weeks, the artist Salwa Othman managed to lose the extra kilograms of weight and appear with a graceful look that surprised the audience. Salwa Othman revealed, during her arrival as a guest on the “Ask Me” program on the “CBC” channel, how she … Read more

The Italian star was robbed in the Brazilian Ronaldo’s house

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Sources close to the case told the agency "AFP" Tuesday that thieves took over "A large amount of jewelry and money" Without going into more detail. and opened Spanish police An investigation into the case after filing a complaint Monday. Newspaper estimated "Diario de Ibiza" The value of the robbery … Read more