Dancer Cmorej, who survived the electric shock, showed burns on his body. In search of the bodyguard star – From the screen and behind it – Cocktail

During the past weekend, Bratislava’s New Stage became the scene of an audition for the musical Bodyguard. Several well-known acting names met on the stage and during the rehearsals, which also have to handle a challenging task with their vocal range. However, the dancer Ladislav Cmorej also attracted attention. Photo: Onereps / Czech editorial photography … Read more

Park Chan-min’s daughter Min-ha, from ‘Star Junior Show Bungeoppang’ 5 years old Min-ha to ‘shooting genius’ middle school girl!

[스포츠서울 | 이웅희기자] ‘Park Chan-min’s daughter’ Min-ha causes ‘pupil enlargement’ with ‘super DNA’ like a shooting genius. From the 5-year-old Minha of the ‘Star Junior Show Bungeoppang’ to a 16-year-old middle school girl who won the ‘shooting contest’. In the second episode of Channel A’s real observation variety show ‘Super DNA Can’t Cheat Blood’ (hereinafter … Read more

Star DJ – Italo-techno hero Gigi d’Agostino has to use a walker because of illness

publishedJan 16, 2022 at 8:04 p.m The DJ from Turin suffers from health problems. What it is about is not clear. In his latest Instagram post, the 54-year-old looks very frail. Nevertheless, he is combative and hopes for a good 2022. 1 / 4 “I hope that this new year will give me some peace … Read more

This is the form of the apocalypse that occurs in stars, scientists call it a supernova

PRIANGAN ZONE – Scientists recently stood witnessing a series of cosmic catastrophes – the end of the life cycle of a Star. For the first time in human history, doomsday a Star (known as supernova) was witnessed by scientists. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University California got a special ticket to watch supernova the. … Read more

“Titanic” child star only said “one line”, received 830,000 yuan and still earned 25 years of copyright fees jqknews

Entertainment Center/Reported by Li Mingrong The classic legendary film “Titanic” was directed by James Cameron. In addition to becoming the best-selling disaster romance film in film history, this film also won a popular hero and heroine, Leonardo DiCaprio. (Leonardo DiCaprio) and British actress Kate Winslet. Not only did the protagonist become famous, but Reece Thompson, … Read more

“Star” architect Ricardo Bofill died of complications related to Covid-19

“Star” architect, very renowned – but sometimes criticized -, the Spaniard Ricardo Bofill, who died Friday at the age of 82 from complications linked to Covid-19, signed hundreds of achievements in the world, with the obsession of putting the being human in the center of space. “Architecture is the victory of man over the irrational”, … Read more

They discover eccentric exoplanet that could harbor water and whose wild climate oscillates between extreme heat and cold | Science and Ecology | D.W.

A team of scientists run by the University of Bern, in Switzerland, announced the discovery of a planet with an unusually eccentric orbit with respect to the star in its system, aided by the work of the Mexican SAINT-EX observatory. The planet, baptized with the name “TOI 2257 b”, is the most eccentric that has … Read more

Star Citizen has not debuted, but future sequels are already being considered

The developers ofand Star Citizen and its campaign mode, Squadron 42, they keep thinking about finishing the game by bringing it to version 1.00, and we don’t know which is greater, its creative ambition or the need for money. And it is that, it is such that they already had the luxury of considering the sequels, … Read more