Close GGD Hollands Midden starts home visit during pregnancy

The midwife and maternity care check with the pregnant women whether everything is going well. They support pregnant women in all kinds of areas, but sometimes there is more help. Sometimes they can’t help when it comes to topics that might be playing right now or when the baby will be here. In that case, … Read more

The first TESLA car sharing platform – OX DRIVE – starts operating in Latvia

The first TESLA car sharing platform has been created in Latvia by joining together young entrepreneurs OX DRIVE, which will start its operation on July 1 of this year and plans to provide a car sharing service in Latvia with at least 130 TESLA brand cars in Riga and Jurmala by the end of the … Read more

The interest rate is 2.54%, and the purchase of 1.2 billion local government bonds in Sichuan Province starts from 100 yuan on June 29.

Original title: Interest rate 2.54%, 100 yuan minimum purchase of Sichuan Province local government bonds of 1.2 billion yuan to start subscription on June 29 Cover reporter Liu Xuqiang The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance that on June 28, Sichuan Province officially launched the 2022 over-the-counter issuance of local government bonds … Read more

Boyolali PMK Vaccination Starts Tomorrow, Dairy Cows Become Priority –

SOLOPOS.COM – The cows found were transferred by vehicle to the owner of the cow, Thursday (23/6/2022). There will be a spraying of disinfectant at the Sunggingan Animal Market after the discovery of the cows. (Special), BOYOLALI — Vaccination tackling the spread mouth and nail disease (PMK) in Boyolali begins, Monday (27/6/2022). PMK vaccination … Read more

Preventing PMK Disease Transmission, Central Aceh Agriculture Service Starts Vaccination

KBA.ONE, Takengon – The Central Aceh Agriculture Service has started to vaccinate livestock in the cool air district. The main objective is to prevent the spread of Mouth and Nail Diseases (PMK). The PMK vaccine was received by the Central Aceh Agriculture Service from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia as many … Read more

Europe Starts Coal Hunting, Can Indonesia Become a Superhero?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Several countries are now starting to look at Indonesia for its abundant natural resources, especially coal. This was in the aftermath of Russia’s war with Ukraine which disrupted energy supplies for European countries. The reason is, the Blue Continent is still very dependent on Russia. Meanwhile, several countries are known to … Read more

Calcio Catania, it starts from Pelligra

The municipal administration has chosen. Football in Catania restarts from Ross Pelligra. The group headed by the Australian entrepreneur of Sicilian origins and represented by the advisor Dante Scibilia was preferred to the other four proposals, those of Luigi Ferlito on behalf of Fabio Maestri, Gioacchino Amato on behalf of Mmr Cinema, Luca Giovannone on … Read more

The Diesel Starts to Get Hot, Marini Gives Proof of Breaking into MotoGP Not Because He’s Rossi’s Brother

WHILE. MOTOGP.COM Two Mooney VR46 Racing Team racers, Marco Bezzecchi (bottom) and Luca Marini (top) when competing in the 2022 Italian MotoGP at the Mugello Circuit, Sunday (29/5/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – Racer Mooney VR46, Luca Mariniwas considered lucky to appear on MotoGP because of the connection with Valentino Rossi. However, Maro proved himself worthy of being … Read more

The TV series “Be Your Own Light” starts in Chengdu, Liu Tao and Qin Hailu perform group portraits of inspirational women_Liu Yuning_Life_Growing

Original title: TV series “Be Your Own Light” started in Chengdu, Liu Tao and Qin Hailu performed inspirational female group portraits Cover reporter Zhou Qin According to the drama On June 22, the female growth inspirational drama “Be Your Own Light”, starring Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning and Chai Biyun, was jointly created by … Read more

Gas, Italy has not yet raised the alert level and remains in a state of early warning. But in the meantime he starts buying coal

Italy will not go from the level of early warning to that of the alarm on the gas situation. This is the technical opinion of the Scientific technical committee which met today at the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The situation – it was assessed – is very clear, monitoring is already high and this allows … Read more