This Friday starts the documentary film cycle Cool _Docs

This Friday, January 15, starts the first edition of Cool_Docs Documentary Film Week organized by the City of Soria, in collaboration with the NGO Mujeres del Mundo. The Mercado Cinemas are the venue for a film series, until Thursday 21st, where 15 documentary films from the US, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Syria, Mexico or … Read more

‘Morbious’ is delayed. Hollywood starts off badly in 2021

Los Angeles.- The wave of film delays due to the pandemic that swept Hollywood in 2020 it seems that it will continue in 2021, as “Morbious”, a film about the famous villain from the stories of Spider-Man who stars Jared Leto, will delay its premiere from March to October. “Morbious” now has a theatrical release … Read more

India starts shipping COVID-19 vaccine to cities

India began shipping COVID-19 vaccines to several cities on Tuesday, four days before the start of the national vaccination campaign. The first batch of vaccines manufactured by the Serum Institute of India left the city of Pune on Tuesday. The drug left the company’s facilities in temperature-controlled trucks to the city’s airport, where it was … Read more

Mexico starts the week with 662 new deaths from Covid and 7,594 new infections

The federal Ministry of Health reported on Monday, January 11, 7,594 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections throughout the country, as well as 662 new deaths. The official number of accumulated infections in Mexico amounted to 1 million 541,633; while the number of total deaths reached 134,368. The current fatality rate for the disease caused … Read more

Q4 starts 2021 with a change in the rules against the US and INE: how will it go?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He begins his third year of government, key for him because control of the Chamber of Deputies and 15 governorships will be disputed in the June 6 elections. He faces it with a popularity that has remained stable: 62% consider his management favorable, but have a negative opinion on the … Read more

TELEVISION – The program La Hora del Deporte starts this afternoon

This Monday, January 4, will be the start of the program La Hora del Deporte, from 1 to 2 in the afternoon on CDN Deportes and Dominican View for the United States. The space will be broadcast from Monday to Friday and will host journalists Héctor J. Cruz, Neftalí Ruiz, Sussy Jimenez and Rafael Díaz. … Read more

MLB: DJ LeMahieu starts a war between New York Yankees and New York Mets for his services

The war in new york city is more on than ever, and all thanks to DJ LeMahieu, since the infielder is coveted for several ninths in the MLB, between them New York Yankees y New York Mets Where will it go? He free agent comes from signing a truly masterful season with the ‘Bronx Mules’Therefore, … Read more