Briatore: “At the Billionaire I preached distancing, but the customers all wanted to stick together” – La Stampa

“I’m hospitalized in a room by myself. I don’t take oxygen and much less I’m intubated, otherwise I would be a phenomenon since I’m talking to her on my cell phone ». The voice is clear, the tone courteous, the taste of the joke unchanged, the gab anything but suffering. On the phone from the … Read more

Can Covid-19 Stick To Hair? Here is the explanation

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – The corona virus pandemic is not over. Many people are still worried about the transmission of Covid-19 or the corona virus Concern about transmission corona virus as if endless. After the researchers said that this virus can survive on the surface of objects. In a study published in the journal The Lancet, it … Read more

Laura Acuña wanted to make people laugh with a mopping video, but they gave her a stick | THE UNIVERSAL

One of the most beloved presenters of Colombian television, Laura Acuña, had every intention of making her followers laugh on social networks through a video in which she appears mopping, but the opposite happened after receiving all kinds of teasing . And is that these days the phrase has become viral: “How beautiful you look … Read more

Camila Cavallo and a stick to Mariano Martínez? after their separation: “You always stopped me with your lousy attitude”

The couple made up of Mariano Martínez and Camila Cavallo it was one of those that came to an end in full quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. In mid-June, the model confirmed the breakup and moved to an apartment in Belgrano with Alma, her three-year-old daughter with Mariano, while the gallant chose silence. At … Read more

“Love has you machine”: flower of the island ‘stick’ to Alexis Sánchez in her toned photo on networks | sports

Did you find an error? let us know Instagram Follow the Bio Bio Sports Fanpage Alexis Sanchez live a great present in Italy. After the coronavirus stoppage, the tocopillano has shone in the Inter Milan, earning the title with goals and assists. During the day today, the national shared part of his training on social … Read more

Cabinet of young people: stick to corona rules on vacation Inland

Mayors have been warning for some time that young people are ‘corona tired’ and that they no longer take the corona regulations, at home and on holiday at home or abroad, very closely. Student drinks played an important role in the revival of the virus in Rotterdam. Participants in youth trips “do not always keep … Read more

Beat the uranium with a stick. The Ore Mountains gulags were hell for the prisoners

In Jáchymov (formerly Konradsgrün), silver began to be sought in an organized way around 1511. Count Štěpán Šlik founded a mining company with several partners. Hundreds of miners and their families moved there, and as early as 1519, the first tolar was minted (the word dollar was formed from it). A year later, Jáchymov was … Read more

“People who no longer stick to the advice, take them by the scraps”

Virologist Marion Koopmans, one of the most important advisors to the World Health Organization and the cabinet, is concerned about the number of corona infections in the Netherlands. 987 new infected individuals were reported last week, almost twice as many as the previous week. “If we continue to see this increase, solid measures must be … Read more

Control stick astronaut Neil Armstrong auctioned for 324,000 euros

In the summer of 1969, Armstrong was the first human to fly to the moon. The joystick on his Apollo spacecraft has now been auctioned in California at a space treasure auction. Buzz Aldrin Other objects also went under the hammer. Similarly, the control stick of Buzz Aldrin, who was on the moon after Armstrong, … Read more

Control stick astronaut Neil Armstrong auctioned for 324,000 euros

The control stick used by astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969 on the first successful trip to the moon has raised € 324,000 at auction. That is about four times more than auction house Julien’s expected. Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the moon. That is exactly 51 years ago tomorrow. The control … Read more