Happy sting. I didn’t have much left, the top scorer Valenta was smiling

He left Slavia on loan to Liberec, but he has only played in two league matches so far, also due to a card penalty. However, the club relies on the 22-year-old midfielder Matěj Valenta, as do the “Lvíčat” national team coaches led by Jan Suchopárek. The Slavia protege gained confidence even in the first playoff … Read more

In southern Italy, one in three already does not pay the penalties. And the sting becomes a boomerang for the taxman

One in three Italians in the South does not pay fines. This datum source Cgia di Mestre on 2017 data would be enough to understand that the sting expected at the end of the year linked to the 10% increase in fines to align them with inflation will turn into another threat for families and … Read more

Increases in electricity and gas, autumn sting on the way: now the bills are nightmare in the shops

Among those who have already received it, there are those who have paid four times as much and those who, on the other hand, have not suffered major differences. But there are not a few who are still waiting for the electricity bill to arrive. And with the moonshines of the last few months, also … Read more

Livorno, anaphylactic shock after bee sting: 55 years old saved

He was enjoying a bit of relaxation at the Quercianella moletto when, around 12.30 today, Monday 29 August, he was stung in the neck by a bee on his way to anaphylactic shock. Fortunately, the other swimmers, sensing the gravity of the situation, immediately alerted 112 which sent an ambulance from the Misericordia di Antignano … Read more

Dear electricity and gas bills, sting for families: here are the figures

Every Italian family today finds itself paying 1,231 euros more than in 2020 only for electricity and gas bills, with energy expenditure increasing overall by + 92.7% in the two-year period 2021-2022. The data comes from Assoutenti, which has carried out a study on the impact of the increase in energy tariffs on the pockets … Read more

New cash limits at home and in your pocket, what a sting if the Finance finds that you have exceeded them

The Draghi Government launches a tough fight against cash and new limits arrive that must not be exceeded as regards the money that you carry in your pocket or even the money that you keep at home. Let’s see what changes. The Draghi government has placed a whole series of restrictions on money cash. ANSA … Read more

Watch out for scorpion stings! The risk is too great in hot weather. Here are the symptoms after a scorpion sting

Many factors such as heat and being more in open areas cause an increase in applications to emergency services due to scorpion stings. Emergency Medicine Specialist. Dr. Instructor Member Ferudun Çelikmen said that scorpion stings rarely result in loss of life, and this is generally seen in children under the age of 6, the frail … Read more

Take sting out of the theory about overpopulation: turn off the asylum tap

Criticism of immigration has degenerated into outright conspiracy theories about ‘population’. They are idiots, but will not leave until the cabinet does more to stem the uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers, writes. Geerten Waling. The Dutch become ‘a minority in their own country’, like white Africans in South Africa. For example, warned the ideologist of … Read more

Rock musician Tamás Ribarics died of a wasp sting

Died Tamás Ribarics rock musician, guitarist of the band Tales of Evening, who fell into a coma due to a wasp sting. They fought for his life for thirteen days. The news of the musician’s death was announced by H-music Hungary on Facebook. We have very sad news. Tales Of Evening guitarist Tamás Ribarics passed … Read more