Wedding Dresses with Stones for Big Parties

Every bride is looking for Wedding Dress The occasion, which gives her an elegant and attractive look on her wedding night, and if the ceremony is luxurious, it is difficult to choose the wedding dress that catches the eye on the night of her life. The designs of wedding dresses that suit large parties vary, … Read more

Unknown men shoot and throw stones at moving vehicles on Route 5, near Ercilla | National

Araucania region Monday 24 August 2020 | 22:28 Unknown men shoot and throw stones at moving vehicles on Route 5, near Ercilla by Luciano Veloso The information is from police from Chile Carabineros de La Araucanía | Twitter visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. According … Read more

The group “Age of Stones” releases the Valmiera anthem

“For us, recording and putting this song into the world is more than a matter of honor, duty and conviction, especially for the people of Valmiera and their friends, from whom this song is demanded in concerts. Those who diligently follow the band ‘s creative work know that this song has been in our repertoire … Read more

Recognize the Symptoms of tonsil stones that are often not realized, bad breath and swallowing pain

TRIBUNCIREBON.COM- You must be familiar with the word tonsils. Yes, the tonsils are the glands in the back throat and play a role in the immune system. Often times, we feel pain in the throat due to enlarged or swollen tonsils into tonsil stones or tonsil stones. • Frequent Headaches Due to High Blood Pressure? … Read more

Stones, divisions and tear gas: protesters clash with police in Beirut

Protesters began gathering in Martyrs’ Square in the center of the Lebanese capital shortly after noon local time. According to Reuters, some of them were holding imitations of gallows and ropes in their hands, with the inscription: “Step aside or you will hang.” They clashed with police after trying to get through the barricades into … Read more

Scientists already know where the Stonehenge stones come from! The answer hung in his eyes

Stonehenge – A mysterious site, a mythical prehistoric building located in the heart of England. It has always attracted people’s attention. Now the ancient monument, which is not only an attraction for tourists but also a place of pilgrimage for followers of pagan cults, who come here during various rituals to gain life-giving energy, has … Read more

Was this the mysterious origin of the stones at Stonehenge? – News

“It showed us that most rocks have a similar chemistry, which led us to identify that we are looking for the same main source,” said Nash. Then, the team examined two samples of one of the stones, obtained during a restoration made in 1958. The samples had disappeared, but reappeared in 2018 and 2019. With … Read more

Airbus builds probe to return Mars stones to Earth

The ‘space freighter’ will receive huge solar panels of a total of 144 square meters for the return ticket of more than 100 million kilometers, so that the probe’s wingspan will be approximately 39 meters. The construction of the probe is part of a large, multi-billion dollar project by the European and American space agencies … Read more