Nicolò Zaniolo has stopped being picky and has agreed to a transfer to Bournemouth. But it was too late…

Nicolò Zaniolo was already booked to fly to England where he was due to undergo medical tests before transferring to Bournemouth. However, the move was canceled by the newly promoted Premier League, Gianluca Di Marzio reports. Nicolò Zaniolo has been definitely persona non grata in Rome in recent days. The Italian has been hinting about … Read more

Dozed off non-stop, actually stopped breathing 129 times in one hour! Improve the 4 conditions, stay away from the crisis of sudden death without heart disease︱Chen Zhijin Sleep Center Physician 【Good Morning Health】

【🔥The most watched health! The latest hot article TOP 5🔥] Drink coffee to lose weight and protect the liver? The effect of coffee on the whole body can be seen once, so it is healthier to choose! Beat super jogging for 20 minutes to burn fat and drop three highs!Lose 24kg a year, reverse … Read more

British airline Flybe has stopped operations, hundreds of people will lose their jobs

“Unfortunately, Flybe is unable to provide alternative flights for passengers,” the company said. Flybe airlines offered flights from London, Birmingham and Northern Ireland’s Belfast, among others, and operated routes to Amsterdam and Geneva, DPA wrote. 277 Flybe employees will lose their jobs. 44 people should remain in the company, Sky News reported. Flybe already went … Read more

Negative and blackmailed him with a video.. and the Information Division stopped them in Choueifat and Al-Awzai

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces announced that on 11-11-2022, two unknown persons entered the house of a citizen in the locality of Ain El-Rummaneh, handcuffed him and put adhesive tape on his mouth, then robbed him of ten million Lebanese pounds, five hundred US dollars and his cell phone, and they photographed him … Read more

Heroic Passengers Stopped Knife Attacker Who Was Only Six Days Off After Stabbing Homeless Man | Abroad

Wednesday afternoon, shortly before 3 pm: unsuspecting passengers commute between Kiel and Hamburg when suddenly all hell breaks loose on the train. A 33-year-old man, Ibrahim A., randomly stabs people. The Palestinian refugee, who has been free for only six days and has a lengthy criminal record, kills two young people and injures seven othersbefore … Read more

Earth’s core has stopped, say scientists. They say it’s not dangerous

Chinese scientists from Peking University published shocking research. According to their calculations, the Earth’s inner core has completely stopped and changed its direction of motion. However, scientists reassure that no catastrophic scenarios are imminent. The Earth’s inner core is said to have completely stopped. According to Chinese scientists, this was most likely to happen in … Read more

Microsoft confirms problem with start menu in Windows stopped working – Computer – News

But that (internet connection) should be in a separate thread of the application. The start menu could at least still work locally with local data. Then the online part is not responsible that the local data is no longer accessible and therefore, in this case the start menu, does not kill the complete application. After … Read more

Scientists say that the Earth’s inner core has stopped rotating and has reversed its direction

Beijing: Scientists say that the Earth’s inner core has stopped rotating and has reversed its rotation direction. Researchers Yee Yang and Xiaodong Song from Peking University in China are behind this conclusion. The study was published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The reverse rotation started in 2009. Every 35 years the direction of rotation of … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – The Earth’s inner core may have stopped and will change its rotation rhythm

A duo of Chinese scientists shocked with research that showed that around 2009, the rotation of the Earth’s inner core, relative to the surface, stopped and now passively rides with the rotation of the entire planet before starting to rotate in a different rhythm (again, relative to the surface). Before you start jumping out of … Read more

6 people took turns to eat 3 bowls of ramen, and the clerk urgently stopped it!She choked to death – China Times News – China Times News

6 people took turns to eat 3 bowls of ramen, which aroused discussion among netizens. (Schematic / shutterstock) A female netizen from Taiwan went to Japan for a trip. She wanted to eat ramen one day, but the store stipulated that children were not allowed in. Therefore, the three couples agreed that the husband would … Read more