How to organize and store important documents in a safe place

This online presentation in Spanish is culturally oriented on how to organize and store important documents in daily life and for unexpected cases. Zoom meeting registrationThursday, February 25: 6-7 pm The presenter of this online seminar is José Lamas with the Extension office of the University of Minnesota. Jose is a financial literacy educator for … Read more

Bruce Willis apologizes for refusing to wear mask in Los Angeles store

Through People magazine, a short but forceful message was shared in which he reveals he feels sorry for his attitude. “It was a bad decision. Take good care of yourselves and let’s continue wearing masks”said the movie star. The behavior of Bruce Willis surprised many, since since the quarantine began he had been at home … Read more

App Store customers spent $ 540 million on New Years Day alone

On New Year’s Day customers spent 540 million on the App Store Apple has announced that customers of the App Store they spent a record amount during the season of the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. The apple company claims that, in total, the app store has generated more … Read more

Apple will bring its new Music and Podcasts apps to the Microsoft Store

It’s been a couple of years since Apple announced the end of iTunes. The Apple program designed to give access to all multimedia content of the company, as well as to manage mobile devices, ended up becoming a real mess for the company. One that was definitely not working the way it should. The announcement … Read more

Apple Music and Podcast will hit the Microsoft Store later this year

With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple completely got rid of iTunes, an application that in recent years had been reducing the number of functions it offered to remain a simple application to communicate with our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While with macOS Catalina, Apple offered the functions it had taken from iTunes in … Read more

Apple will bring music and podcasts to Microsoft Store in 2021 By Benzinga Spain

Apple will bring music and podcasts to the Microsoft Store in 2021 Apple Inc (NASDAQ 🙂 is working to list its music apps and podcasts on the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: NASDAQ 🙂 app store later this year, 9to5Mac reported Thursday. What has happened: The company led by Tim Cook is testing the two applications it … Read more

How to change country or region for Microsoft Store and more

We recommend changing the region only if you are moving to a new country or region for a long time. This is important because the stuff you get in one region may not work in anotherincluding Xbox Live Gold, apps, games, movies, and your Microsoft account balance. To change your region to Microsoft Store Online, … Read more

LG gaming monitor now with a big discount in the Amazon store

The model we are talking about is the LG 24GL600F-B, which among other things has a screen of 24 inch, which is a sufficient measure to enjoy action titles and which, in addition, has the particularity of not being especially large for this reason (its dimensions are 55.68 x 18.06 x 41.98 centimeters, for which … Read more