Totalcar – Magazine – Tesla Cybertruck is available in two sizes

Elon Musk used to ventilate that a Cybertruckból a smaller version could be made, but no more specific information has been provided since. Now, however, industry sources say Tesla may be preparing to unveil a smaller Cybertruck as part of a special event due in March 2022. The information comes from Trip Chowdhry, an analyst … Read more

Tangen did not inform about Støre dinner: – Invited by virtue of being a friend

The Petroleum Fund has a practice of being open with the Ministry of Finance about meetings with elected representatives. But Nicolai Tangen did not report on the dinner with the then opposition leader Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party), where Norges Bank and Jens Stoltenberg became the topic, because he considered it a private dinner. DINNER … Read more

Epic Games Store to pre-purchase anticipated games in 2022, including ‘God of War’

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol) announced on the 14th that it is offering pre-orders for this year’s most anticipated games. First, ‘God of War’ and ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction’ are about to be released soon. ‘God of War’, which is available for pre-order, is the PC version of ‘God of War’, which swept … Read more

Dogecoin grows more than 12% after Tesla’s online store introduces it as a payment method

Published: 14 ene 2022 15:24 GMT Purchases are subject to additional conditions, such as the inability to reverse the transfer and a limited time to complete the transaction, due to fluctuations in the price of the digital currency. The price of dogecoin has shot up this Friday after a tweet from the founder of Tesla, … Read more

Galactic Civilizations 3 free on the Epic Games Store, which announces another gift for next week

The PC store challenges us to take control of the galaxy in an interesting empire building title. Thursdays of free games continue in Epic Games Store. From a few minutes ago, and until next week, those who are passionate about strategy and space themes can download the interesting Galactic Civilizations 3 and begin to show … Read more

Jonas Gahr Støre, Coronavirus | Facilitates several corona measures:

These are the national measures Valid from midnight night to Friday 14 January. The changes related to bhearths, schools and SFO apply from midnight night to Saturday 15 January. The measures will be re-evaluated at the beginning of February. General infection control advice Practice good hand and cough hygiene Vaccinate you Stay home in case … Read more

Apple removes multiple variants of popular game Wordle from App Store – Tablets and phones – News

Apple has removed several clones of the popular game Wordle from the App Store. The variants of the original game quickly rose in popularity, but that led to criticism that the games had been copied and made money from the hype. A lot of Wordle games have been removed from the App Store. The only … Read more