Claromecó: The storm drove the people off the beach

November 25, 2020 Found: 235 This Wednesday, tourists and residents of Claromecó were able to enjoy the beach, but in the late afternoon, there were sudden winds of varying intensity, which forced them to leave the sand.In any case, the sudden change in climate did not prevent us from seeing the traditional sunsets that occur … Read more

Peruvian storm count

After Peru was left without a president for the second time in less than seven days, Congress appointed Francisco Sagasti, a member of the only political group that rejected the removal of Martín Vizcarra (the Purple Party), to take office. The presidency of Peru scheduled to be exercised for a period of five years, in … Read more

Dry storm harmed Misiones producers

“At around 19.20 a localized dry storm was registered, which destroyed the infrastructure of our plots in the background, where the bell peppers were. In the other greenhouses where we have tomatoes, it broke the plastic. The loss is G. 135 million, quantifying the cost of infrastructure and production, which are 3,000 locote plants, “said … Read more

Violent and millionaire robbery in a closed neighborhood of Funes in the middle of the storm

Suddenly the family was invaded by the intruders, who in a bad way managed to quickly dominate them and after gaining access to the rooms they tied up the owner of the house and his wife and demanded that they control their children. With the family in fear, the death threats and of all kinds … Read more

They mobilize the army to fight the ice storm in Vladivostok

Moscow, Nov 25 (EFE) .- More than 500 Russian soldiers were mobilized this Wednesday to alleviate the consequences of the ice storm that affected about 25 towns in the Russian Far East, including the capital, Vladivostok, and left without electricity , water and heating to about 60,000 people. “17 detachments were created, made up of … Read more

The trail of the storm: A palm tree blocks the Paseo Marítimo and lightning hits Periáñez

Palm tree falls into one of the lanes of the Paseo Marítimo. November 25, 2020 · Modified: 11/25/2020 – 18:39 The ravages of the storm with a strong electrical device that has been registered this Wednesday in the early hours of the afternoon has not caused personal damages but significant destruction in different parts of … Read more

Storm for a militant of the youth of Esquerra

The unionist sphere in Catalonia is in an uproar over the irresponsible and almost criminal comments of a militant of the Republican Left youth (JERC). Apparently this woman, who for some has territorial responsibilities and for others is a simple grassroots militant, justified the violence of the terrorist gang AND and praised their armed struggle … Read more

Child turns fallen trees into baseball bats and supports those affected by storm | Video

Posted at 20:40 ET (01:40 GMT) Tuesday, November 24, 2020 Playing 1:03 Posted at 20:09 ET (01:09 GMT) Tuesday, November 24, 2020 1:00 Posted at 19:49 ET (00:49 GMT) Monday, November 23, 2020 1:01 Posted at 19:47 ET (00:47 GMT) Monday, November 23, 2020 1:00 Posted at 18:01 ET (23:01 GMT) Friday, November 20, 2020 … Read more