The planet Mars will disappear behind the Moon

Where to observe it? This phenomenon should last an hour and a half in all. The majority of Canadians and Americans will be able to observe it. This event, called occultation only happens once or twice a year somewhere on Earth. At the end of the year, we will be able to observe it on … Read more

“The squid game has begun”… 10,000 layoffs, a company in a storm [위클리 기사단]

Large-scale job cuts due to global economic crisisCEO Andy Jassy: “There will be more layoffs next year”Amazon stock crash… 44% evaporated this yearWall Street in the US also disputes the possibility of Amazon’s comeback“Passed the first day of the squid game”… Employees self-help (AP)”/> enlarge photo Amazon distribution center in Missouri, USA [AP=연합뉴스] The #Weekly … Read more

Muhammad Ramadan ignites a concert during the Sound Storm Middle Beast Festival in Riyadh • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Thousands of fans flocked to the Middle Beast Festival in Riyadh Season for the third day in a row to attend concerts and artistic performances. Today, Saturday, the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, performed a concert at the “Big Beast” stage, as part of the Soundstorm Middle Beast festival in the Riyadh season. Ramadan … Read more

Nancy Ajram lights a concert during the Soundstorm Middle Beast Festival in Riyadh • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, performed a concert at the “Big Beast” stage, as part of the Soundstorm Middle Beast Festival in the Riyadh season. Nancy Ajram was able to light the stage with a group of her songs and performances. The audience interacted with the songs presented by Nancy Ajram, in an … Read more

A winter where the planets come together

conjunction of planets This winter, we will be entitled to conjunctions of planets. This means that two planets will appear close to each other, even though in reality they are still hundreds of millions of miles apart. “This is explained by the fact that the planets will orbit around the Sun at different speeds, underlines … Read more

A lightning solar storm will hit Earth for several days

Published on December 1, 2022 at 11:34 am par Gabriel GADRE On December 2, powerful solar winds will hit the Earth. But then where do these storms come from and how do they occur? Some radio interference and satellite disturbances are to be expected. To read laterSavedFollow #astronomy#astronomy Tracking If you dream of becoming a … Read more

Militia leader found guilty of incitement to storm Capitol

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 01:39 After a two-month trial, the leader of the American far-right militia Oath Keepers has been found guilty of “seditional conspiracy” by a jury. Stewart Rhodes, 57, was indicted for his role in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The jury finds it proven that he called on members … Read more

“Punish her, she violated financial fair play!”. It’s a storm

MADRID (Spain) – The en bloc resignation of the Juventus board of directors went around the world. And within a short time there were reactions. The news of the alleged false accounting of the Juventus club immediately moved the leaders of the Spanish Liga who are clamoring for sanctions by UEFA. The press release of … Read more

Crucially, the price of a key food item went up. Czechs are taking stores by storm, buying up the last pieces at better prices

Unpleasant surprises appear with an ever-increasing range of foods. After the rapidly rising prices of butter and eggs, the price of other goods that people buy most often before Christmas to bake cookies also shot up. It’s nothing but sugar. Rapid increase in price It’s unbelievable how the price of sugar has skyrocketed. Basically by … Read more

Storm system threatens 25 million people in the southeastern United States | News Univision United States

The storm system at the beginning of this November reached a level 4, after dozens of tornadoes were registered in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. If the new system planned for this week reaches the same level, it will be the first time this has happened in November, according to records.