Ning Panita, who is this post referring to? Strawberry… Now you know who’s the real thing!

Ning Panita posted a short hit on someone again, but it made me wonder who Strawberry was referring to, and said it had never started. Now you know who’s real Image from Instagram ningpanita made many people watch In the case of the famous actor and organizer, Ning Panita, posted a slapstick message saying: “Creating … Read more

5 Ways to Store Strawberry So It Doesn’t Rot Quickly and Keeps Fresh

Jakarta – Strawberry is a sweet and sour fruit that is fresh and juicy. In storing it need a special way because strawberries include fruit that rots quickly. Strawberry is a type of fruit that contains many important nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and high antioxidants. Antioxidants called polyphenols function to protect the heart and … Read more

Reasons not to wash strawberries before eating

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Many people like fruit strawberry because it tastes fresh. This fruit also contains a lot of vitamin C which can prevent canker sores, boost the immune system and help brighten the skin. Strawberries are one of the most beloved berry families around the world, but one thing we can relate to is … Read more

Strawberry Supermoon: June full moon images from around the world

Last night, the “Strawberry” supermoon put on a spectacular show, one that was captured by photographers around the world. Full moons are lunar phases that occur about once a month when our natural satellite faces the sun, with Earth directly in between. During a full moon, the side facing our planet is fully illuminated, appearing … Read more

The most beautiful images of the “Strawberry Super Moon” on video –

Tuesday was the last full moon of spring, also known as the “Super Strawberry Moon”, a name given by Native Americans because it coincides with strawberry season. Impressive images to discover above in video. During this evening, the Earth’s satellite appeared 14% larger but also 30% brighter than usual. Beirut, Dubai, Salisbury: the brilliant sphere … Read more

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Strawberry Moon Superfill. Closer to Earth is no longer possible

The average distance is 384,000 kilometers, but the difference between the farthest point (apogee) and the closest point (perigee) is about 10 percent, which is quite a lot. As a result, the size of the Moon’s disk visible in the sky varies slightly, depending on the distance of this object from the Earth.

Strawberry Supermoon: photos of the astronomical phenomenon

Getty Images Strawberry Supermoon, a worldwide astronomical phenomenon. This Tuesday, June 14, the astronomical phenomenon known as strawberry supermoon. Earth’s natural satellite reached its maximum brightness and approach to Earth. Supermoon is the name that registers the moment when the moon, in its full phase, produces its closest approach to the earth. For nature lovers, … Read more

The Strawberry Supermoon can be seen from 7:45 pm with the naked eye

Puerto Ricans will be able to appreciate, from this afternoon until dawn on Wednesday, an impressive astronomical event when a full Supermoon event occurs that can be seen with the naked eye starting at 7:45 p.m.., reported the Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico (SAPR) through written declarations. A supermoon event occurs when the full moon … Read more