Motorcyclists don’t wear helmets in rice fields subject to electronic ticket, this is police explanation: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Viral on social media of a motorcycle rider in Sukoharjo, Central Java was caught on an electronic ticket (E-TLE) camera. This drew the spotlight because the motorcyclist was seen passing through the rice fields. In Sastro Wiryo Dikromo’s social media post in the Sukoharjo Cegatan Info group, an electronic ticket was uploaded. Inside, … Read more

Michoacán: subject goes hunting and murders 8

Elizabeth Guzman Zamora / 22.06.2022 02:09:54 A man killed eight people in different areas of Zamora y Jacona before being shot down by municipal police. In the events, four people were injured, including a uniformed man. At 4:35 p.m., the offender entered a mechanical workshop on Amapola Street, Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood, in Jaconawhere he murdered … Read more

A controversial quote in a textbook for a new HiT subject

“My flirting with children quickly became erotic. These little five-year-old girls already knew how to hit me. Several times it happened that the children unbuttoned my fly and started stroking me. Their demands were embarrassing for me. stroked “- these are the memories of one of the leaders of the student movement of 1968, Daniel … Read more

Industry view|Interbank deposit certificate funds with frequent explosions are subject to emergency purchase restrictions on multiple products_ Finance Network- CAIJING.COM.CN

The fifth batch of interbank depository index funds is the first 10,000-funded fund, which is also the ninth popular fund of its kind this year. Chuangjin Hexin, Bank of China and Guolian Fund are still selling. On June 16, Wanjia Fund announced that its Wanjia CSI Interbank Depository AAA Index 7-day holding period securities investment … Read more

The subject you have chosen: Can Ronny Deila really aim for Europe with Standard?

Ronny Deila wants to restore the glory of the main club but he knows it will take time. Each week, we invite you to choose a subject covered by our sports editorial staff. This Thursdayyou wanted to know more about the ambitions of the new look Standard, which has resumed training under the direction of … Read more

Get ready! Pertalite cs will be subject to excise

Jakarta – The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) is currently reviewing the imposition of excise on a number of commodities. One of them is fuel oil (BBM). “What we are studying in the future contexts in terms of controlling consumption are fuel, rubber tires and detergents,” said Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) of the … Read more

Online shopping will be subject to a stamp duty of Rp. 10 thousand

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) Ministry of Finance will be interesting stamp duty IDR 10 thousand for digital platform customers including online shopping from e-commerce, for purchase transactions above IDR 5 million Director of Counseling, Services and Public Relations of DJP Neilmaldrin Noor said this rule is contained in Law No. … Read more

“Twitter” is subject to Musk’s terms and saves its deal with 500 million tweets per day

Despite all previous reluctance, it appeared that Twitter would comply with Elon Musk’s request for data on fake accounts, after the Tesla CEO threatened to abandon the purchase deal if it refused. The social media company will provide the world’s richest man with access to a data set of more than 500 million tweets posted … Read more

Song “My old man”, by Piero: facts you didn’t know about the subject

The song “My Old Man” was released in 1969. Photo: GettyImages Time also passes in that superhero we call dad And that’s what the song “My old man” says: old man, my dear old man, now you walk slowly, as if forgiving time. The theme, from the Argentine singer Pierois without a doubt one of … Read more

Shakira and Gerard Piqué LIVE: Latest news on Piqué’s infidelity case with Gavi’s mother, separation Piqué is unfaithful to Shakira, Shakira and Piqué divorce ended and everything on the subject of infidelity | Henry Cavill | Chris Evans | Minute by minute | Spain | Famous

In 2011, in full concert, Shakira surprised all her fans by changing the lyrics of her emblematic song “Inevitable” to dedicate it to Gerard Piqué. The original lyrics say: “If it’s a matter of confessing, I don’t know how to make coffee and I don’t understand football.” However, already at the recital, the Colombian sang … Read more