A first: ETZ vascular surgeons operate with images from the cloud

jun 16, 2021 The vascular surgeons of the ETZ (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital) in Tilburg will from now on use a new 3D imaging technique for operations on the blood vessels, which means that the procedure can be followed very accurately on a screen. “The live images help us navigate the blood vessels and place the stents … Read more

Certification Requirement for Surgeons for This Surgery news

According to the news of ÖNDER YILMAZ from Milliyet: The Ministry of Health, alarmed by the Obesity Commission of the Parliament, has prepared a draft regulation on “obesity surgery, opening and registering obesity centers, working procedures and principles”. According to this; A doctor who cannot get obesity surgery training and certificate will not be able … Read more

prepare for a robot with artificial intelligence to help doctors in the process of suture

The future is here and the science seeks to apply the advances in medicine. The artificial intelligence continues to gain ground in the common activities of human beings. A few weeks ago we saw how in a city of South Korea, a robot takes orders and serves coffee. The artificial intelligence is present and goes … Read more