Dragon Ball: Fabibi Cosplay will surprise Goku with an elegant Milk cosplay

– Jul 01, 2022 – 10:00:00 AM Fabibi Cosplay has extensive experience designing outfits straight out of anime, and oddly enough seems to have a fondness for Dragon Ball that he brought to the surface with a cosplay de Milk. The wife of Goku He has worn various outfits since his first appearance, but one … Read more

The baptism of Aušra and Ramūnas Difarta’s son Rojaus: a sensitive wish from his grandfather and a surprise from his brother

Rojus, the son of musicians Aušra and Ramūnas Difarta, who was born thirteen months ago, already has a second name – Jokūbu, his relatives can call him after the cozy and sacred christening ceremony, which brought together the dearest people to the little one in Kaunas St. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. The … Read more

He disappeared 23 years ago.. Watched the appearance of Nour Sharif’s son in the series..Hajj Metwally..and the biggest surprise in his current profession

The Egyptian artist Ayman Mohamed is one of the most prominent faces that shone and grabbed the spotlight by participating in artistic works in childhood, After his remarkable appearance in a limited number of artworks, including the series “Hajj Metwally”, as well as the video clip “Ana Lou Habeeb” by artist Mohamed Fouad. Some predicted … Read more

The marriage of the best star in the Tash Ma Tash series was a sudden… And the surprise that shocked everyone was the identity of the groom!! (picture)

2022/06/29 It’s 10:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Rimas Mansour, star of the Tash Matash series, announced her association, through her accounts on the social media, from a person named Saud. The Saudi artist published a picture of her accompanied by him via Instagram, and also published pictures of them together via … Read more

She is pregnant with him four times.. Dina El-Sherbiny explodes a big surprise about her separation from Amr Diab

After a sensation caused by their separation in January 2021, the Egyptian artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, spoke for the first time about the artist Amr Diab, explaining that she always refused to comment because he did not return to her life. During her hosting of the “Adina Bendash” program, Dina El-Sherbiny indicated that she “does not … Read more

Egyptian artist Hani Shaker sets off a resounding surprise.. This is what I will do after my resignation!!

2022/06/29 It’s 05:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Egyptian artist Hani Shaker revealed that he seeks to focus on his upcoming artistic projects and spend more time with his family, after he decided yesterday to submit his resignation from his position as captain of the musical professions in Egypt. Hani Shaker confirmed in press … Read more

Surprise – Dana refuses to fight Conor – Floyd

After Irish mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor accepted an invitation from American boxing legend Floyd Mayoise for a retaliatory duel, UFC President Dana White surprised everyone by saying he had no desire to see such a fight and was showing no interest. Of the upcoming bout, White said, “I have less than zero interest … Read more

Grillo intervenes by surprise at the conference on the Metaverse and makes a joke to Conte: “I gave him a project, but it’s like throwing it out of the window …”

“Citizenship income has also ended for those in prison because it is not possible to verify the data with the Ministry of Grace and Justice. The same thing happened with Covid, and it is incredible, hallucinating. We talk about digitization, but we are still in a very, very analog era“. She said it Beppe Grillo, … Read more

Don’t expect any bright interior! This apartment will surprise you more than once: Secret doors and deep color shades

Israeli interior designer Ariella Azaria-Berkowitz is known for giving her clients a free hand when it comes to interior design. It creates impressive spaces, which are often dominated by atypical shades of brown, orange, black, bronze and other earthy colors. After white and bright interiors, it is certainly an inspiring change. The owners saw the … Read more