Putin’s army faces major challenges in Ukraine. That must have surprised him.

Russia is struggling in Ukraine, and the goals seem increasingly distant. Now Vladimir Putin’s advisers are said to have started to tell him the truth. President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has not gone smoothly. But how much does he really know? Western intelligence is not entirely sure of that. Photo: Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik/Reuters/NTB 5. … Read more

Old acquaintance helps Omtzigt and is surprised about the venom in the Chamber | Among politicians

quite faster 14 hours ago It is obvious that we are a long way from a real democracy. Few members of parliament still hold this in high esteem. It is mainly those parties that shout the loudest that democracy is being damaged that are guilty of this. It is not by calling evil that you … Read more

“You said it wasn’t a deviation” Han So-hee, everyone was surprised by the recent news after the tattoo and smoking controversy

Photo = Online community Actress Han So-hee, who made headlines for her bold response to tattoo-related controversies, is drawing attention by revealing her pristine white jade skin with no traces of tattoos in a recently uploaded photo. Photo = Han So-hee’s Instagram In the early morning of November 9, 2022, Han So-hee posted a picture … Read more

China’s local screening stations were surprised to see “anti-Xi” banners sparking heated discussions on the Internet-International-Liberty Times Newsletter

A local screening station in China was surprised to see the “entrance of anti-Xi personnel”, which sparked heated discussions on the Internet. (The picture is taken from Twitter) 2022/12/04 21:22 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]When China’s “white paper revolution” is blooming everywhere, a local screening station in China has opened an “entrance for anti-Xi personnel”. After the … Read more

Kazunari Ninomiya Yoshihiko Inohara’s inauguration as president “I know with everyone and am surprised in the same way”-Fuji Television!!

Ninomiya KazunariMr.Yoshihiko InoharaHe talked about his appointment as Johnny’s office president. December 4th (Sun)“Our era”is Kazunari Ninomiya, who co-stars in the movie “With love from Rageri” scheduled to be released on Friday, December 9,Tori MatsuzakaMr. Miss,Akira Yasudaappeared. Akira Yasuda started to keep a dog for “my daughter’s emotional education” The three of them, who deepened … Read more

Shakira surprised with an impressive ‘look’ in the final date with Piqué

Shakira goes into mourning for the meeting with Gerard Piqué and took out all her artillery on the day of the final match Everything seems to indicate that the meeting they had Shakira y Gerard Piqué In the morning hours in front of the judges to ratify their decision to legally separate, the Colombian’s look … Read more

You will be surprised when you know how much Jana Mekdad earns from YouTube..an amount that company managers do not get!

There is no doubt that YouTubers around the world get very high amounts of money in exchange for the high number of views that they get on the videos that they publish weekly on their channel. This matter is no longer a hobby, but rather a large number of social media stars, most notably the … Read more

Scientists see record-breaking Arctic cyclone coming, but are totally surprised by what it does next to the sea ice

The monster storm ravaged the sea ice much worse than predicted. In some places the ice has even lost more than half a meter in thickness. “We need to improve our models.” Last January, a merciless cyclone hit the Arctic. The cyclone, which raged at 70 degrees north latitude just northeast of Greenland, eventually even … Read more