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Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure ™ platform combined with AVEVA’s digital transformation solutions is proving to be the driving force behind sustainable industrial development initiatives Casablanca, Morocco [15 juillet 2021] – Schneider Electric, leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and AVEVA, a world leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, today … Read more

Towards innovation in phosphorus recovery: OCP joins the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

Date :July 13, 2021 172Vues A new membership for OCP. The global player in the phosphate industry is now a member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) for the promotion of the sustainable management of phosphorus. To this end, OCP will share, as it specifies, “its expertise and good practices with more than 40 members … Read more

Nuna11 from TU Delft: less efficient in some areas, but much more sustainable – IT Pro – News

A heavier battery, less efficient solar panels, a larger cabin. At first glance, the Nuna11 may seem like a step back from the NunaX. Yet this solar car is more aerodynamic and less controversial materials are used, the chief engineer tells Tweakers. The most notable change to the Nuna11 revolves around the number of wheels. … Read more

Morocco: The future of sourcing clean energy and sustainable mobility

Tesla Motors American billionaire Elon Musk has chosen Morocco for his Tesla Motors sourcing. Indeed, the most valuable automotive company in the world, has chosen Morocco to produce a fundamental part of its vehicles, the main transmitter. But in this chapter Morocco has already made a name for itself. The automobile industry, along with aeronautics, … Read more

Telekom and Samsung want smartphones to be more sustainable

Deutsche Telekom and Samsung are cooperating on sustainability. Among other things, the circulation system for used smartphones is to be expanded. […] When it comes to the cell phone cycle, the focus is on the useful life of smartphones (c) With a strategic cooperation for more sustainability at Smartphones want them Telekom and Samsung … Read more

Demetra, the new sustainable material created by Gucci for the fashion industry

Marco Bizzarri (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Kering) It is the result of two years of research by the technical department and skilled craftsmen of Gucci: it’s called Demetra and it’s a revolutionary material with luxury finishes. Made in Italy mainly with sustainable, renewable and bio-based raw materials of 77% plant origin. With vision and generosity … Read more

Luminor Introduces Sustainable Pension Level 3 Index Plan – Market News

foto; As of today, May 27, Luminor is introducing a sustainable 3rd pillar index plan in Latvia – the Luminor Index Pension Plan Sustainable Future, which will allow people to save for old age while taking care of the environment, sustainability and public welfare. The pension plan will invest in index funds, which in turn … Read more

Bruno Le Maire promises sustainable support for SMEs

After having already promised three billion euros for SMEs, Bruno Le Maire announced in an interview with Les Echos that they will benefit from lasting support from the State. This will not only involve an extension of the repayment periods for the current guaranteed loans, but also a new system of very long-term loans. “It … Read more

PBL: Investing in making your own home more sustainable is almost unprofitable | NOW

For the majority of households, it is financially unprofitable to make their homes more sustainable without additional subsidies, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) concluded from its own on Monday. research. In many cases, the savings on housing costs through sustainability do not outweigh the costs of sustainability, or only after decades. In the study, … Read more

Planning office: investing in more sustainable private homes is not profitable

Homeowners find it difficult to recoup the investment to make their home more sustainable. That is why their contribution to achieving the climate objectives will be much smaller than that assumed by the government, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) concludes. The cabinet wants all homes to be gas-powered and energy-neutral by 2050. This means … Read more