Purple Yams Vs Sweet Potatoes, Which is Healthier?

Jakarta – Sweet potato being the most popular type of tuber. Types of sweet potatoes are distinguished by their color, two of which are orange and purple. Which type is healthier? Tubers are a type of high-carbohydrate food that is commonly consumed in Indonesia. One of the popular types is sweet potato which has a … Read more

In the replay of the final of the European Championship – a sweet English revenge

The selection for the 2024 European football championship started on Thursday. Already on the very first evening, the head-to-head match between the two finalists of the last championship, Italy and England, attracted the attention of the continent. If two years ago in London, the Italians stole the celebration from the hosts, triumphing after a series … Read more

The masterpiece of fatty liver! It is sweet but its effect is like poison… – Gallery

All foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains contain natural sugars. Your body digests these carbohydrates slowly so your cells get a steady supply of energy. However, the added sugar in packaged foods has a negative effect on your body. We have compiled 7 important reasons for you not to consume sugar. Let’s … Read more

Maya is super happy! Saifu’s boyfriend Get on your knees and ask for marriage. Sweet post.. Endless love.

Maya Nonthawan reveals good news, boyfriend Sai Fo Chabi Der knelt down to propose marriage in Spain. change status to fiancée Sweet post to each other… with endless love Photo from Instagram maeyagirl Making the atmosphere in IG become pink. Recently (March 21, 2023), the beautiful mother Maya Nonthawan has revealed the moment that her … Read more

New Drama by Lukas Enembe in KPK Detention: Claims of Rotten Sweet Potatoes to a Strike on Drugs

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The behavior of the inactive Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, who is currently being detained by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has again attracted attention. Enembe was detained on suspicion of bribery and gratuities. The process of detaining him also went through stages that were not easy because in the end the … Read more

Open the post “Namfon”, pouring out his thoughts about “Arm”, a 3-year marriage, sweet and tender in every word

It is another entertaining couple who always adds sweetness to their love life…always for a couple of Namfon Patcharin and Arm-Piphat Wittaya Panyanon Get the latest! Due to the special moment of the 3rd wedding anniversary, the actress’s side took the opportunity to use the space on Instagram. @namfonpatcharin_ Write a sweet heart caption Sent … Read more

Corruption Eradication Committee Denies Feeding the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, in the form of rotten sweet potatoes

Jakarta, tvOnenews.com – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) denied giving food in the form of rotten sweet potatoes to the inactive Papua Governor Lukas Enembe. “We ensure that we always maintain the quality of servings and fulfill the consumption of KPK prisoners through catering,” said KPK enforcement spokesman Ali Fikri at the KPK, South Jakarta, … Read more

Lee Da Hae Announces Marriage Love is ripe, sweet and juicy. After dating for 8 years

Korean celebrity couple Seven (Se7en) – Lee Da Hae Announced the good news to fans that the couple will tie the knot on May 6th after dating for 8 years and wrote a heartfelt letter to themselves via their personal Instagram. Thanks for the pictures from IG: se7enofficial, leedahey4eva In the afternoon of Korean time … Read more

No Longer Worried, It Turns Out That This Is a Safe Way to Consume Sweet Foods for Diabetics, You Can Try It!

Diabetics are known to be challenged to eat foods that have a sweet taste. This is because sweet foods are dangerous for diabetics, which can make the sufferer’s condition worse or even have side effects. But you don’t worry, it turns out that there are still safe ways to eat sweet foods for diabetics! Then, … Read more