Heart Attack Symptoms in Women, What Happens, How Long Does It Last And What To Do?

Cardiovascular diseases, which are shown as one of the leading causes of death in women, reveal that more and more women will experience these disorders at different stages of their lives. While it is stated that women are more likely to develop this disease, especially after menopause, this fact is currently ignored by most women. … Read more

Bowel Cancer: These Symptoms of Stomach Pain Are Worth Watching

BOGOR ISSUES – Cancer intestine is one of four cancer most common in the UK beside cancer breast, prostate, and lung; of that amount, cancer intestine is the fourth most common. Cancer intestine recently made headlines in several countries. While everyone should thoroughly check their poop for signs of illness, the symptoms aren’t just limited … Read more

Index – Tech-Science – Get tested immediately if you notice these two symptoms

The specialist said that sore throats have recently appeared more often in people infected with the coronavirus than in the case of a common cold – he wrote Independent. In the week ending July 14, the number of coronavirus infections in the United Kingdom increased by 7 percent, to nearly 3.8 million, from 3.5 million … Read more

2 years left of cancer cure.. Marriage → Hospital trip with abnormal symptoms → Unexpected news ‘fever’ (‘Wedding’) [어저께TV]

[OSEN=김수형 기자] In ‘Oh My Wedding’, the miraculous story of a couple who had 2 years left to recover after battling cancer was revealed. On the 14th, SBS ‘Oh! My wedding’ miraculous news was delivered. At the time of the first wedding, the bride Jang Ji-rim and the groom Hwang Do-yeon appeared, who said that … Read more

Polio Virus Found in Waste in New York, These Symptoms Can Appear All

KOMPAS.com – Health authorities in the United States announced that they had identified the virus poliowhich was found in wastewater samples at New York City. They said, findings polio virus identified in the waste indicates the possibility of local transmission. This finding comes after one adult polio case. The polio case was announced on July … Read more

Symptoms of Gallstone Disease that Need to Know Page all

KOMPAS.com – Gallstones can build up in your body to clog organ channels and cause some symptoms. Gallstones This results from cholesterol crystallization that settles in the gallbladder, a small pear-shaped organ just below the liver. you who have gallstone disease was medically diagnosed with cholelithiasis. Read also: What Are Gallstones? Collect NHS, in most … Read more

Is there a new virus? Frightening increase in the Netherlands! First time over a thousand

According to the figures updated on the website of the State Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM), affiliated to the Ministry of Health, the number of cases of monkeypox virus has exceeded a thousand. It was stated by RIVM that a very large part of 1025 cases were seen in those who had a homosexual … Read more

Reader’s Column: Withdrawal Symptoms | Metronieuws.nl

William Althof Yesterday, 12:28 We all know it: as soon as you are addicted and you start fighting that addiction, you are guaranteed to get withdrawal symptoms. alcohol addiction An alcohol addict cannot get rid of his addiction without help and medication, a few manage without it, but most drinkers get into trouble. The most … Read more

11 signs that your blood sugar is high! Here are those symptoms

Distraction and forgetfulness Today, this symptom, which may have many other reasons, including stress, is caused by the inability of brain cells to use sugar well in diabetics. stomach ache indigestion We mentioned that diabetes can also damage nerves. As the vagus nerve, which is effective in digestion, is negatively affected by constantly high blood … Read more

causes, symptoms to recognize, treatments

The syphilitic chancre was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely in 1904. If penicillin had allowed its almost disappearance, for about twenty years it has reappeared, including in developed countries including France. In 2020, the Free Information, Screening and Diagnosis Centers (CeGIDD) detected approximately 2,800 cases of syphilis of all sexes … Read more