6 symptoms that should alert

THE ESSENTIAL In France, 11,300 new cases of “lip-mouth-pharynx” cancer are diagnosed each year. In non-drinkers and non-smokers, HPV viruses are the main risk factor. 70% of oral cancers are diagnosed too late, according to theInstitut national du cancer. Early detection of cancer improves the chances of recovery. But the symptoms of this disease can … Read more

At first glance similar to the flu, these are the 5 symptoms of the latest variant of COVID-19 | Corona Virus

Virus Corona continues to mutate and trigger an increase in COVID-19 RI, variations in symptoms are increasingly in the spotlight, even flu-like. These are the symptoms of the new variant of COVID-19: Virus Corona continues to mutate and trigger an increase in COVID-19 RI, variations in symptoms are increasingly in the spotlight. How even flu-like. … Read more

symptoms, differences and common points

I almost covid they are growing again: it is thought that the peak will be reached close to Christmas, he explained in recent days to Adnkronos Salute the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco. However, the increase in numbers coincides with the flu season and this makes it more difficult to recognize which respiratory virus has contracted The … Read more

Flu: symptoms, how to protect yourself and what complications can arise

MARGUERITA DE BAC (THE CORRIER OF THE EVENING) Updated Monday, December 5, 2022 – 09:26 Influenza is one of the few infectious diseases that an individual can experience several times throughout their life and can manifest in different levels of severity and even require hospitalization. Flu Vaccine Campaign.edward brionesEP investigation RNA technology to make a … Read more

Coughing For No Reason, A Symptoms Of Covid-19 That Is Often Ignored

Jakarta, MISTAR.ID The trend of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has been observed to increase. In addition to strict health protocols, you also need to be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19, especially since there are some symptoms that are often overlooked. Symptoms of Covid-19 are increasingly diverse. These symptoms are fairly mild and similar to … Read more

If you have this taste in your mouth, you may have cancer! Among the early symptoms are…

DIFFICULTY IN SWALLOWING If you experience pain when eating, a burning sensation when chewing, or trouble swallowing, it may be due to oral cancer. Other signs include feeling like food is stuck in your throat. DIFFICULTY IN SPEAKING Cancer in the mouth or throat can affect the voice, experts said. As a result, your voice … Read more