“Autobot Lazer 5”, the first intelligent robot vacuum with innovative Electro Water Tank

Autobot, the innovative leader of the Thai vacuum robot brand Come back to call the buzz again with the unveiling of the most innovative innovations to the Thai robot vacuum market. With the launch of Autobot Lazer 5 highlighting the Electro Water Tank system that will help turn the tap water inside the machine into … Read more

Cartier unveils the Tank Must, a timepiece that never stops

The Tank model is a unique model of Cartier Since its first appearance in 1917, it has been a trusted timepiece. Of many famous figures such as Vadgart Andy Warhol, the famous pop art artist. Worn on the wrist at all times, there are also French actress Catherine Deneuve, British actress Charlotte Lampling, songwriter and … Read more

“Brothel like in a tank.” The influencer cleans dirty flats for free, millions follow her

For most people, cleaning is a necessary evil. However, 28-year-old Finnish influencer Auri Katariina enjoys sweeping and mopping floors or washing and wiping dishes. On the social network, TikTok shares videos in which he puts a messy household of strangers in the clutches, without the right to a fee. A bathroom full of used toiletries … Read more

Cartier unveils the Tank Must inspired by the legendary classic watch collection.

Open the path of history of the unique timepiece of Cartier Ready to countdown to the unveiling Tank Must The timepiece that never stops When it comes to one of Cartier’s most iconic models. French jewelry and watch brand There must have been an image of the Tank model for sure. Tank models have been … Read more

Murder of a Belgian plumber, found in a concrete tank in the Netherlands: 10 and 17 years in prison for Wanda van R. and Nicky S.

The Dutch court in Breda on Wednesday sentenced a 30-year-old from Berg-op-Zoom to 17 years in prison for the assassination in June 2019 of Johan van der Heyden, a Belgian plumber. After killing him, Nicky S. disposed of the body along with three other people. One of them, Wanda van R. from Zoersel, was sentenced … Read more

charging the batteries will take as long as filling the fuel tank

Over the years, manufacturers have made particularly great progress in terms of the efficiency of electric vehicles and the distance covered by one charge, and now another area is rapidly being modernized: fast battery charging. New fast charging technologies Looking at the dynamics of the electric car market, it is not difficult to notice that … Read more

When will it take as long to charge the batteries as to fill the fuel tank?

New fast charging technologies Looking at the dynamics of the electric car market, it is not difficult to notice that manufacturers are paying more and more attention to this segment. Drivers are already offered electric small city models, compact SUVs, luxury large sedans and even sporty electric cars. As a result, form or purpose are … Read more

Diesel Engines Can Crash If There’s Only A Quarter Of The Fuel Tank Left, Really?

Rianto Prasetyo ILLUSTRATION. Toyota 2GD Diesel Engine Used by Fortuner, Innova, and Hilux Otomania.com – Mesin Diesel Can crash if Fuel Quarter left Tank, Is that true? Do not let the diesel engine fuel only a quarter of the tank. Because when the machine diesel there is only a small amount of fuel left, colds … Read more

Honda Beat and Verza Surrender, Very Economical! Honda’s New Sport Motorcycle Once Full Tank Can Travel 733.7 Km

Otomania.com – Honda BeAT and Verza gave up, very economical, this new Honda sport motorbike once full tank can cover 799 km This Honda sport motorbike has a full name Honda CB125F 2021, yup, is an improvement from the previous version which was last updated in 2018. This time, the update is comprehensive, from the … Read more

The International Army Games began in Russia. The competition was started by tank biathlon – ČT24 – Czech Television

24. 8. 2021 277 teams from 42 countries have been measuring their military capabilities at the International Army Games since Monday. A total of 34 races will be attended by five thousand soldiers. The army competition was started by the most spectacular discipline – the so-called tank biathlon. Based on the results of individual races, … Read more