Steam overwhelmingly praised “The Evil Castle 4” Thomas the Tank Engine and Lily in the way should come, and the model modification will always come | 4Gamers

The 2005 classic remake of Capcom’s masterpiece “Resident Evil 4 (RE4)” (Resident Evil 4; RE4) can be regarded as the most anticipated masterpiece since the remake of the series, because it is not just a single-riding savior Leon’s chest muscles are so big, and even the president’s daughter Ashley is really big. These are all … Read more

There is currently no threat of a repeat of the global financial crisis. Interview with an economist from the Brussels think tank on banking stability / Article

Interview with economist Zholta Darvaš Latvijas Radio: Since last week, a lot of attention has been paid to banks. First, “Silicon Valley Bank” went bankrupt in America, followed by problems with “Credit Suisse” in Switzerland. The European Central Bank is trying to reassure everyone by saying that since 2008 a lot has been accomplished since … Read more

Comments on: Why is Putin worried about supplies of tank ammunition to Ukraine with depleted uranium?

Lukasz made the west smile 🙂 Anyone else remember how it all started? At first, Putin walked around, threatened with “higher readiness” of nuclear forces, drew “red lines”, told a tale about miracle weapons, all kinds of avant-gardes, daggers and what not. At first, the West was afraid to send even lethal weapons. But then … Read more

“Suphachok” reveals full tank fit Ready to play for Chang Suek in every position | Thaiger, Thai news

“check” Supachok Sanchat attacking line from the club Consadole SapporoR has come out to give an interview after traveling to report to the Thai national team to prepare for the warm-up of the national team according to the FIFA Day 2 calendar between 25-28 March ’23 in the United Arab Emirates. s Ready to reveal … Read more

Taurus fire tank test

You probably already know from our articles that the Emergency Department of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic has several tank-mounted sprayers that operate wherever there is extreme danger. The specials are called Titan and Triton, they have their own carriages and water tanks, but their volumes are sometimes not enough for the … Read more

Russian T-90M tank crews undergo special training against tanks donated by Europe and the US to Ukraine

Russian MoD AIRSPACE REVIEW ( – The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video on March 17, 2023, which shows the crew of a T-90M tank undergoing special training to fight against main battle tanks (MBT) donated by European and US countries. As it is known, NATO member countries in large numbers provide MBT … Read more

“Bravo, here Bravo 3. I destroyed an enemy tank on the left”

Ukrainian soldiers train with a Leopard 2A6 tank in Bergen, Germany. The photo was released this week by the Bundeswehr.Beeld Bundeswehr / Daub The Ukrainian soldier affectionately calls him ‘the cat’, the tank he has been learning to drive for the past six weeks at the military training ground in Bergen, Germany, an hour’s drive … Read more

[Revisiting Old Movies]Hong Kong’s first sarcophagus hides a body: for the murder of a beautiful wife, the innocent body is buried in the water tank of the building for five years.

[Revisiting Old Movies]Hong Kong’s first sarcophagus hides a body: for the murder of a beautiful wife, the innocent body is buried in the water tank of the building for five years. The Tsuen Wan sarcophagus case that happened in 2018 was eventually dismissed by the jury. This method of hiding corpses appeared as early as … Read more

This is how Russians behave. They passed a tank. Here is the finale –

share Tweet A video from the Luhansk region appeared on social media. It shows a Russian tank that deliberately drove into a car. All because this… wanted to overtake him. As a result, the driver and passengers of the car were seriously injured. Russian soldiers during the war proved many times that that they are … Read more

Russian Mercenaries Destroy Ukraine’s First Leopard Tank

Thursday, 16 March 2023 – 17:06 WIB VIVA – PMC Wagner Groupa Russian mercenary who served in the Ukraine war is claimed to have destroyed the Main Battle Tank (MBT) Leopard 2 Ukrainian military. This advanced German-made tank was destroyed by troops formed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, in a battle in the village of Yagodnoye, north … Read more