Everton is targeting an already working strategist at the club

2022-01-17 11:47 © Reuters photo Liverpool’s Everton said goodbye to head coach Rafael Benitez over the weekend. The club’s leaders immediately began exploring the shift for the Spaniard, and ESPN has already named the most realistic contender to take over the helm of the “Iris”. Roberto Martinez, who has already led the Everton team from … Read more

Malware infections targeting Linux devices increased by 35% in 2021 XorDDoS, Mirai and Mozi were the most prevalent, accounting for 22% of attacks

The number of malware infections targeting Linux devices increased by 35% in 2021, most often to recruit IoT devices for DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. IoTs are typically underpowered “smart” devices running various Linux distributions and are limited to specific functionality. However, when their resources are combined into large groups, they can launch massive … Read more

Targeting Indian Military, China’s Claims of J-20 Superior Capability Allegedly Just Part of Propaganda

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Stealth aircraft PLAAF J-20 reportedly downed 17 enemy aircraft while avoiding retaliatory fire during a mock confrontation in 2020. However, it is understandable why Beijing is promoting reports of alleged air superiority J-20 in mid-September 2020 this last year. “Despite being outnumbered, a pilot of the People’s Liberation Army China scored a 17-to-zero … Read more

Targeting Marselino Ferdinand to Play Abroad, Aji Santoso: But not in Malaysia

The young star of Persebaya Surabaya, Marselino Ferdinand. (Source: Kompas.com/Suci Rahayu) SOLO, KOMPAS.TV – Persebaya Surabaya coach, Aji Santoso, hopes that the young star of Bajul Ijo, Marselino Ferdinand, can play abroad. Marselino became the talk of Indonesian football lovers, because he was included in the list of the 60 best potential players in the … Read more

Manchester City Are Seriously Targeting Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta To Be Pep Guardiola’s Successor

Manchester City are reportedly looking to make Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta the successor to Pep Guardiola. After deciding to hang up his boots at Arsenal in 2016, Arteta started his coaching career by becoming a ‘student’ of Guardiola, acting as an assistant coach. The Citizen. The Barcelona academy dropout has finally been promoted to head … Read more

Controlling Cooking Oil Subsidies that are Prone to Mis -Targeting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government promises to give subsidy cooking oil at least until next June. The subsidy for simple packaged cooking oil is sold at Rp. 14 thousand per liter. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said the government would pour 1.2 billion liters of simple packaged cooking oil for the next … Read more

police launch wanted notice targeting 15 rioters at the CST demonstration

The Brussels police launched a new search notice on Tuesday targeting 15 rioters who took part in the demonstration on November 21 against the Covid Safe Ticket (CST). Riots broke out on the sidelines of the demonstration “Together for freedom“which had gathered nearly 35,000 people in the streets of Brussels. The police had to use … Read more

The Arab coalition announces new raids targeting a Houthi camp in Sanaa

Posted in: 26/12/2021 – 12:40Last updated: 26/12/2021 – 12:45 The Saudi-led coalition launched new raids in Yemen on Sunday targeting a Houthi camp in the capital, Sanaa, according to what was announced in a statement. This comes the day after the coalition announced a “large-scale” military operation in Yemen, after two people (a Saudi and … Read more

UAE condemns Houthi targeting of Jizan

The UAE has expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the crime of targeting by the terrorist Houthi militia the Samtah governorate in the Jazan region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a projectile that resulted in two deaths and a number of civilians wounded. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign … Read more

Finistère is targeting 340,000 booster injections before the end of January

A record incidence rate. This is what to remember from the current epidemic situation in the department of Finistère. A rate that flirts with 193 per 100,000 inhabitants. It corresponds to the number of positive cases detected in the last 7 days. A similar figure with those known in previous waves: “it is an exceptional … Read more