The challenge for teachers and parents to teach preschoolers between constraints | News from El Salvador

Teachers call on parents to work with children with the guidance they give them, but it is difficult due to the lack of technology in several homes. Although teachers in public schools and schools that attend kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade know that postponing the return to classes is the best way to avoid infections, … Read more

In these 3 ways you can set an alarm or alarm clock in Windows 10 | Lifestyle

Windows 10 It comes with included applications that make its configuration on the computer easier, among them is its clock application, with which it is possible to configure alarms. Although there are also third-party applications that can be very useful if the standard one remains very basic. Many users do not know that the system … Read more

Have you been given a Windows 10 PC? We teach you how to configure it

Christmas Day and many lucky people will be living the illusion of having received a fantastic PC with Windows 10 as a gift. COVID has triggered the demand for computers, especially laptops, among workers and students around the world. Online meetings have been imposed, teams are coordinated in a decentralized way and software such as … Read more

“Errors serve to improve, they teach us”

The actress Kiti Mánver has presented in the program De pe a pa de RNE the cinematographic comedy The inconvenient, debut of Barnabas Rico, which stars alongside Juana acosta and Carlos Areces. A film that tells the story of Lola and Sara two very different women but deep down the two very lonely. It opens … Read more

Teach programming – LA NACION

Despite the systematic government desire to hinder the local development of the knowledge economy, it is seen globally that, from its hand, a huge market of job opportunities is opening. It is true that the pandemic changed many plans and that it visibly impacted education, but the little impact that programming has on the school … Read more

Microsoft, Sena and Fedesoft will teach Colombians about new technologies for free

(Foto: Pixabay) The tech giant Microsfot announced this weekend that will launch a new initiative for Colombia called Training TechDays which, in alliance with Sena, Fedesoft, Ruta N and the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, intends to offer free training in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data analytics. A much-needed initiative for … Read more

Texas nurse who returned to teach after retirement dies of COVID-19 – Telemundo Dallas (39)

A family and a North Texas college campus mourn the loss of a beloved nurse who came out of retirement to instruct others amid the pandemic but died of COVID-19. “She was doing what she loved. Despite the risks, she was living life to the fullest. On her own terms at the time, trying to … Read more