Florida Mother Writes Her First Book To Teach Kids About Social Distancing – In Spanish

The short story, published this summer, was highlighted as the number one new release in the children’s social studies book section of Amazon. Later, Naughty created the sequel “Billie Goes Back to School”, a story about back to school, which is currently only available in English.

Distance learning in high school: schools caught off guard, “I’m not going to pretend to teach when the kids aren’t ready”

The announcement was made in a press release Sunday evening from the Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Pierre-Yves Jeholet: secondary school students will have to follow distance education from this Wednesday, October 28. This measure also valid for the following two days is explained by the extremely worrying health situation in the country, indicate Pierre-Yves … Read more

9 words of Pablo Escobar to teach to speak Spanish

The success abroad of series like Narcos It has inspired a particular way of teaching the Spanish language, based on the popular jargon of the drug cartels. The language learning platform Babbel has offered its audience “a fun way” to learn to speak like Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug trafficker of the 80s and … Read more

“We have to teach people better what a risky contact is”

Guest of Europe Evening this Sunday, epidemiologist Marin Blachier believes that the French screening strategy is not the right one. He argues that 97% of PCR tests performed are negative because people don’t really know what risky contact with a carrier of the coronavirus is. INTERVIEW It is the government’s weapon against the coronavirus epidemic: … Read more

Tik Tok: wanted to teach English pronunciation classes with clothing brands but made a serious mistake

If there is a exercise who got off fashion with the lockdown in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), it is make videos on the social network TikTok. However, despite the efforts of its users who are looking for more followers every day, not all its content becomes funny and interesting, since it can … Read more

Is it difficult to teach medicine online? The teacher shares his experience

Mexico City.- In this return to classes, teachers and students face a new way of giving and receiving classes with the incorporation of platforms, tools that difficult to use for many teachers. This is the case of the teacher who was about to cry and went viral for the support he received from his students … Read more

Photos / “El Profe Lalito” pedales to teach his students at home

5 months ago they made fun of Gerardo Ixcoy. Today, he is recognized when he rides his bicycle adapted as a tricycle and a desk at the same time, in which he travels dozens of km each week to reach his students. By: EFE 02:45 PM / 24/08/2020 When face-to-face classes were suspended in March … Read more

Alessandro Perin, the Besta doctor who will train EU neurosurgeons: “I teach technique and empathy”

Alessandro Perin, 43, decided to become a doctor, and a neurosurgeon, when he was in high school in Vittorio Veneto, while he was reading Heart of a dog and Notes of a young doctor by Mikhail Bulgakov and watching William Hurt interpret A doctor, a man. At the time he wanted to save everyone. Only … Read more

If you do not dare with push-ups, we will teach you to do this exercise correctly

Start a new activity always causes in us a feeling of illusion and desire. That’s why we enjoy so much learning new stuff. Although in the case of physical exercise we must combine these practices with some novelties, so as not to end up bored of it. It is not the only reason to vary … Read more