Israeli scientists teach fish to drive a car The news

Israeli scientists have created a robotic vehicle driven by a goldfish. Scientists have trained fish to study their navigational abilities. And the scaly riders get along really well! This is not a common way of moving fish, but it is also not an ordinary goldfish. Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have trained it … Read more

Land Rover Indiscriminate Parking and Blocking Factory Gate, Security Chief Uses Excavator to Teach Car Owner a Lesson What should you do when you come home at night and see that there is no parking space in the community? Go to the side of the road to find an open space for parking, and take the car away early in the morning, so you don’t run into any problems. Everyone is very … Read more

‘He’s going to show us things we can’t see for ourselves’: what the James Webb Space Telescope will teach us about the universe

After 25 years, the James Webb space telescope is ready for take-off. It is 100 times more powerful than its predecessor and looks with super sensitive infrared eyes. “The Webb will show the part of the universe invisible to us.” Thousands of lights and a lot of black: this is how we humans see the … Read more

PROEN joins forces with BorntoDev to teach you how to make web apps with Node.js – Express

Mr. Kittiphan Sribuaiam Chief Executive Officer of ProEn Corp Public Company Limited or PROEN Revealed that the company has partnered with BorntoDev (, a programming teaching website. To create works in digital, learn skills of the future Become a new technology developer Create applications and digital works With courses that are fully in depth, both … Read more

Index – Domestic – He hung up a friend to teach him a lesson

The man from Bács-Kiskun County who hanged his acquaintance to teach him a lesson was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, the Szeged Appellate Prosecutor’s Office said. Back in the summer of 2016, the convict tried to teach the person stealing his parents a lesson by waiting for the returning man at night in the yard … Read more

French-speaking colleges and universities continue to teach 100% face-to-face

“Institutions will be able to continue to offer 100% face-to-face learning activities.“The press release from the Minister of Higher Education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Valérie Glatigny, fell a few hours later the Concertation Committee on Friday, December 3, 2021. The Minister has consulted with universities and colleges, student councils, unions, organizing authorities and other players … Read more

They teach laboratory rats to overcome a level of the video game ‘Doom II’ (VIDEO)

Published: 23 nov 2021 14:11 GMT The rodents managed to eliminate the monsters from a modified version of the video game, despite not being aware of the act of shooting. Hungarian neuroscientist Viktor Toth has designed a custom virtual reality platform for laboratory rats and has trained three rodents to pass a level of the … Read more

The little mouse made me think, why? You have to “teach your child” to use reason rather than emotion.

Mickey Mouse’s birthday falls on November 18 every year. today TrueID will take a look at the history of the popular children’s cartoon characters around the world of The Walt Disney Image of a cartoon character that looks like a black rat. wearing red bib pants Voiced by Walt Disney was born on November 18, … Read more

‘La Voz Kids’: Eva Ayllón and Christian Yaipén teach Daniela Darcourt about vocal technique

In the latest edition of “The voice Kids” there was a tense moment between Daniela Darcourt, Eva Ayllón and Christian Yaipén after the salsa team made up of Flavia Pajuelo, Mía Belén and Fiorella Caballero interpreted “Who are you”, by Yuri. However, the Creole artist did not think that they had done well since each … Read more