Teacher Muay Pai Thong predicts clearly, the star Ketu moves, pushes the horoscope of 12 outstanding zodiac signs, check in one place

Virgo (September 17 – October 17) During this time, Virgo’s health will improve. Whatever is, will be healed. Saint is strong at this time. and is the correct st. If there is something to warn, it must be stopped. Libra (October 18 – November 16) The Libra people will get support from the elders without … Read more

Extended the suspension for the teacher close to Messina Denaro

The Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara met the Councilor for Education of the Sicilian Region Girolamo Turano and the director general of the Regional School Office for Sicily Giuseppe Pierro for the case of Laura Bonafede, the teacher believed to be close to Messina Denaro. During the meeting it was announced that the USR validated … Read more

Rapallo, 12 year old falls from the window at school, the teacher had scolded her: Then she threw herself

She reportedly threw herself out of her classroom window after receiving a scolding from her teacher during class. The 12-year-old from Rapallo who fell from the window yesterday, March 22, is fortunately not in danger of life. Archive image The police forces of Rapallo are investigating what happened yesterday at a local middle school. A … Read more

Exclusive! Teacher “Maneh” confided in tvOnenews, dismantling the meaning of his words to Ridwan Kamil

Jakarta, tvOnenews.com – Muhammad Sabil Fadhila, the name of a teacher nicknamed ‘Master Maneh.’ Where the nickname was pinned on his thorns, because Sabil went viral on social media. This was also because he was dismissed from the foundation of the SMK school where he taught. As is well known, the termination was not without … Read more

Here’s the 2023 PPPK Teacher Selection Mechanism, P1 Without Placement Can Be Happy

The Director General of GTK at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nunuk Suryani, revealed the selection mechanism for the 2023 PPPK Teachers. Photo Mesya/JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The Director General of Education Personnel Teachers (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture Nunuk Suryani revealed that the total need for 2023 PPPK teachers is … Read more

EXCLUSIVE! Teacher Who Was Fired for the Word ‘Maneh’ on Instagram Ridwan Kamil Opens Voice

Jakarta, tvOnenews.com – The teacher who was fired for commenting on the Instagram upload of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil with the word “maneh” Sabil opened his voice. He said he didn’t mean to be disrespectful to Ridwan Kamil. Sabil also said the word “maneh” because he assessed the figure of Ridwan Kamil who was … Read more

Two women prosecuted for sedition after teacher hung cartoon | inland

21 mrt 2023 om 10:48Update: een dag geleden Two women aged 20 and 22 must appear in court because of inflammatory reports about a cartoon that hung in the Emmaus College in Rotterdam. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) suspects the two of sedition. The teacher who hung the drawing in November 2020 was seriously threatened. … Read more

Monika Liu chose one “Lietuvos balsa” teacher with whom she would like to exchange songs

Mantas Jankavičius changed his shorts to a skirt How did teachers try on other teachers’ shoes? Here is Mantas Jankavičius in Monika Liu’s song “Guys in Short Shorts” replacing one item of clothing with another – short skirts. “Both he and Monika Liu were very successful in performing each other’s work: Monika Liu perfectly caught … Read more

Ukrainian murderers will be forgiven for any sins – Putin pardoned a physics teacher who brewed and sold amphetamine with her husband

The reason – her husband – a prisoner joined the “Wagner” group and went to the front. This was revealed to the Russian media by Diana Gribovski’s father, Vladimir Gribovski, who is himself an officer in the Russian armed forces. In July 2019, the court sentenced Gribovska, who was a physics teacher at the time, … Read more

You are a teacher.. Al-Fishawy’s ex-wife with Omar Kamal and Hamo Beka in a nightclub | photo

The artist, Nada Al-Kamel, published a video of her during her presence in a nightclub, through the Story feature on Instagram, in which the festivals singers, Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal, were present, as the duo appeared while singing “You Are a Teacher.” Nada Al-Kamel, the divorced star Ahmed Al-Fishawy, was keen to share with … Read more