Regret having problems with H Faisal, Tiara Marleen burst into tears: My husband immediately divorced three because of shame

Hops.ID – Some time ago, Tiara Marleen mention the late Vanessa Angel pregnant out of wedlock while live on social media. Now, Tiara Marleen admits that he is sorry. Because, he was finally reported by the in-laws Vanessa Angel, H Faisal. What’s more, now Tiara Marleen has been named a suspect in the alleged case … Read more

Katie’s tears. She lost her grandmother, knocked off Plíšková and is the darling of Britain

A day after the painful eliminations of Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu, the British tennis nation experienced sweet satisfaction. The audience applauded the three domestic advances to the third round, while twenty-five-year-old Katie Boulter managed to attract the most attention. London (from our correspondent) – When they entered the center court in all their glory, … Read more

‘My daughter-in-law is dead, I can’t defend myself!’, Faisal is very stupid with Tiara Marleen’s tears, ready to be imprisoned

Sosok.ID – Singer Tiara Marleencrying because his peace request was ignored by Haji Faisal. “If her tears come out, she will be embarrassed,” he said while wiping his tears, quoted Sosok.ID from Youtube Sambel Lalap via Grid.IDFriday (1/7/2022) Tiara Marleen decided to give up on whatever he had to live in the future. Most importantly, … Read more

A historic moment in the Ukrainian parliament. “Moving to tears” [NAGRANIE]

“Touching to tears” – commented the moment when the flag was raised Matti Maasikas, EU ambassador to Ukraine – Due to its determination, stubbornness and courage, Ukraine was appreciated by all Community countries and received the status of a candidate for EU membership – said the President of the European Commission On June 23, the … Read more

Tears from the astronomers at the first images from the Webb telescope

About six months After the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers began receiving images from the powerful telescope showing the distant regions of the Universe. NASA won’t share some of these images with the public until July 12, but astronomers have given us a glimpse of what to expect. Deputy NASA Administrator Pam … Read more

Dragon TV’s “City of Philharmonic” top ten released Li Ziting tears on the scene_Entertainment Channel_China Youth Network

  Dragon TV’s “City of Philharmonic” top ten released Yu Yueyue “breakthrough by rocket”, Li Ziting shed tears on the scene “Whether we want to leave or continue to run, we will meet again on the stage in the future…” The strong players will definitely be happy and sad: At 21:20 on July 1 (this Friday), … Read more

What’s happening? The Wimbledon champion collapsed in tears

The Spanish tennis player played a first-round match with the Belgian Greetje Minnenová already on Tuesday, but the match was interrupted at the score of 6:4 for Minnenová due to darkness. In Wednesday’s playoff, Muguruza was not eligible. Some latecomers from the ranks of the fans did not even catch the playoff on court number … Read more

Tears flooded the screen! ‘Rial’ announces resignation of championship ‘Mike is out of debt’ after 200 titles

Tears flooded the screen! ‘Rial’ announces resignation of championship ‘Mike is out of debt’ after 200 titles Mike out of debt On June 30, unexpected things happened when “Rial Kaj Bundit”, the champion who created the history of the long-standing Mike stage show, had to resign himself to 200 times. and would like to encourage … Read more

The great talents feared for the season – tears rolled down the medals – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I blir completely touched. We called each other last weekend and then it was like this «is this season we should be bad and not make it happen». VI was both so scared, says Andrea Rooth and wipes away some tears. The 20-year-old broke his own personal record and took silver in the 400 … Read more

A farmer from “Love is in the meadow” found hanged: “Words fail me, but not my tears”

Le Courrier Cauchois reports the death of Jean-Claude Joly, candidate for the 6th French season of “L’Amour est dans le pré”. The man was reportedly found hanged on his farm on the night of June 24-25. Karine Lemarchand, host of the show, paid tribute to him on her Instagram account: “My Jean-Claude, words fail me, … Read more