Turkish forest fires: tourists gone, forests destroyed, people in tears

The fire continued last night, but could not be extinguished. “When I looked at those forests in the morning, my heart broke. So many animals have been burned alive. We have a lot of wild boars, squirrels and our famous turtles here. They couldn’t go anywhere. Those turtles love the forests very much . It … Read more

Tears of joy for Zverev in Tokyo: Djokovic was defeated on the way to the finals

Serb hoped to be the first to win all Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold in one year, but those hopes were dashed by Zverev. True, the start of the duel did not promise anything good for the German representative: in the stands the members of the Serbian Olympic team actively supported Djokovic for 38 … Read more

30 years after the Medininkai tragedy: tears of pride and questions about today Culture

The tragedy of Medininkai is an incurable wound After watching the film, Šarūnas Orlavičius, the son of one of the dead officials, shared his feelings. According to him, the Post at Dawn was extremely difficult to watch: “It’s the hardest movie I’ve ever seen. But I’m really excited and want to thank the whole creative … Read more

And what more tears!

Oh, how many things I have forgotten about my life! I forgot many weddings, many funerals, kisses and sins and many and many hugs…; I forgot names and faces. I forgot the disappointments and the pain. And I forgot the death I promised myself after every disappointment…Then the wounds healed, the pain subsided, and I … Read more

The Red Lions go on, Nikiforov in tears, Lecluyse in the final: the night of the Belgians at the Olympics

NNew offensive festival from the Red Lions tonight in the Olympic hockey tournament. Belgium crushed Canada 9-1, putting in a fourth consecutive victory in as many games since the start of the Tokyo Olympics. The small disappointment came from the Budokan side where Toma Nikiforov was eliminated in the 2nd round in the -100 kg … Read more

We have it all, why do it? Shilpa bursts into tears in front of Raj Kundra

Image: Instagram YouActress Shilpa Shetty gets emotional in front of her husband Raj Kundra, who was arrested in connection with film making. Shilpa burst into tears when police first brought Kundra to her Mumbai residence for evidence after her arrest. Shilpa burst into tears when she asked Kundra why he was searching here. ‘We have … Read more

‘Never satisfied’ double four has gold: ‘Tears have already stood in my eyes’

“What are you analytical guys, I might have expected you a little more euphoric,” commented reporter Jeroen Stekelenburg. “It is not for nothing that we are sometimes called a little too serious and never satisfied. It still has to sink in for a while, but the tears have already been in my eyes. We have … Read more

With tears.. A touching word by Abu Al-Sahel about the death of the former Wydad sports president, Boubacar Djahim

Journalist Abu Al-Sahel said that the late Boubacar Judahim was a fighter, extending his deepest condolences to his family and all the friends, stressing that the late left a great imprint in their hearts. The same spokesman indicated that the late had held the position of president of the Red Club for half a decade, … Read more

Mercedes-Benz fans in tears: the company says goodbye to diesel and petrol cars forever

If a few years ago, even among car enthusiasts, there were many doubts about the future of electric cars, then in recent months, many skeptics seem to have come to terms with this idea and put all doubts in the country. Not only the success of Tesla, which shot to astronomical heights, but also the … Read more

18 years of grinding a sword and tears down the podium diving veteran Wang Han wins gold to prove himself | Sports

In the Tokyo Olympics women’s double three-meter springboard, the Chinese team Shi Tingmao/Wang Han won the gold without suspense. After the jump, the 30-year-old Wang Han cried with joy. For diving athletes, it is indeed not easy for Wang Han to enter the Olympic stage for the first time at the age of 30. After … Read more