Elipse-col, the seroprevalence study technique in Barranquilla

This Monday, the National Institute of Health (INS) –together with local authorities, academic and research institutions– released the pilot of the Seroprevalence Study in Barranquilla, with which it seeks to establish the behavior of the SARS-Cov2 virus in this territory after having passed the first peak of the pandemic and that a large part of … Read more

This analyst revealed the technique to find a parabolic cryptocurrency (it’s easier than you think)

A well-known crypto investor and fire brand that first entered the market in 2012, is exposing what it takes to detect parabolic runs before they happen. In a new interview with Going Parabolic, Bitlord recalls the initial stages of the rise of XRP and how everyone doubted the asset before its first big breakout. When … Read more

Grace Kelly: This Unusual American Technique She Taught Her Son Albert

Albert de Monaco grew up with a Monegasque father and an American mother. A cultural heritage that the prince embraced, without restraint. In an article published in the magazine Point of view, specializing in royalty, we discover key extracts from the documentary Her name was Grace Kelly, in which the husband of Charlene of Monaco … Read more

The new Kia Sorento introduces itself as a plug-in hybrid. It promises a rich interior space

Kia has announced in advance that the new Sorento will also be available as a plug-in hybrid. Now the carmaker is finally revealing its technique. The Kia Sorento is coming to market in a new generation. In the spirit of the times, the car will focus on electrifying the offer, so in addition to the … Read more

Electrostimulation: the new technique for exercising

In recent years, a widely used technique in the field of fitness and aesthetics has become fashionable, which also seeks to lose calories and achieve its goals through “passive exercise”. By: Press release 05:49 AM / 25/08/2020 More and more people are interested in improve your physical appearance. For this reason, they start an eating … Read more

Škoda is celebrating another milestone. It has already built 13 million gearboxes for the group

Just today, Škoda Auto produced the thirteen millionth transmission of the current generation. These are installed not only in Škoda cars, but also in other cars of the German Volkswagen Group. Škoda Auto manufactures three types of gearboxes for the Volkswagen Group in Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí. These are the MQ / SQ100, MQ200 and … Read more

New technique lights up prostate cancer during surgery

For the first time in the Netherlands – during a robot-assisted operation – prostate cancer was made visible by means of fluorescent light. Urologists at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) have now operated on six patients using the OTL78 drug and a special surgical camera. The results are encouraging. Photo: AVL They have seen the … Read more

Alessandro Perin, the Besta doctor who will train EU neurosurgeons: “I teach technique and empathy”

Alessandro Perin, 43, decided to become a doctor, and a neurosurgeon, when he was in high school in Vittorio Veneto, while he was reading Heart of a dog and Notes of a young doctor by Mikhail Bulgakov and watching William Hurt interpret A doctor, a man. At the time he wanted to save everyone. Only … Read more

New technique to better diagnose prostate cancer

A team of Montreal researchers has developed a new and better way to detect prostate cancer, by combining two existing techniques. The scientific team at the Research Center of the Center hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CRCHUM) and Polytechnique Montréal first used Raman microspectroscopy imaging, a method of observing and characterizing molecular composition. This technique … Read more