Saturday varied with the attack on the Capitol in ‘Weekly Report’ and Makoke’s first grandson as the axis of the ‘Deluxe’

With the end of the Christmas holidays, the channels are already betting on a prime time for all tastes: La 1 will analyze the attack on the Capitol and Brexit in ‘Weekly Report’, while José Bono will visit the set of laSexta Noche and new couples from celebrities will compete in Antena 3’s ‘The Ring … Read more

The big entertainment bets of the chains for this 2021

‘Two couples and a destiny’: a surprise novelty. TVE has directly started promoting this new program, about which nothing was known. In it, two couples formed by María del Monte and Anne Igartiburu, on the one hand, and Gonzalo Miró and Florentino Fernández, on the other, will travel to meet celebrities at different points. It … Read more

The year 2020 on television: historical consumption, downward advertising and leading Telecinco

– Advertising – The compulsory confinement by Covid-19 has caused an increase in television consumption in Spain in 2020, so that, according to data from Kantar compiled by Barlovento Comunicación, we can speak of a linear increase of 18 minutes per person per day compared to 2019. Historical television consumption data In total, the average … Read more

So are the spectacular Christmas trees of the famous Telecinco

The well-known faces of Telecinco boast of their Christmas trees The Christmas has reached the homes of famous people from Telecinco and almost everyone agrees on their favorite color to choose the ornaments: red. Big, small, minimalist or different from what has ever been seen, the well-known faces of Mediaset have taught in detail what … Read more

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ takes laSexta to surround Telecinco’s ‘Strong House’

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg put action at 1 AM with the movie ‘2 Guns’ (10:05 p.m.) A DEA agent decides to team up with a Naval Intelligence officer to steal $ 43 million from the mob, without either of them knowing that the other is a federal undercover. The problem arises when they discover … Read more

Mainat speaks in ‘Investigation team’ to silence the finals of ‘La Voz’ and ‘Idol kids’

And also: cinema in La 1 with Steven Spielberg, in La 2 with Álex de la Iglesia, and in Cuatro with Ryan Reynolds starring in ‘Deadpool’ The 1 puts his night at the disposal of Steven Spielberg and his movie ‘Ready Player One’ (2010) Year 2045. Wade Watts is just one of the millions of … Read more

In the darkest times, the telly became light

Television has changed a lot in the last 20 years. His tricks have been modernized, but in cathodic magic the rabbit that comes out of the hat remains the same: emotion. Television, in any format and medium, continues to bring us a smile, a tear … or an angry protest. Nobody is alien to television, … Read more

“I have felt your credit card”

Kiko Rivera has finished finishing off Isabel Pantoja in the interview she gave this past Friday night. After his first interview in a magazine of the heart, the DJ has been the great protagonist of the special of ‘Cantora, the poisoned inheritance’, the DJ has taken advantage of his first television intervention after dropping the … Read more

Telecinco celebrities who go through a terrible physical pothole

Asraf Beno, the worst unemployed > Asraf Beno, the future husband of Isa P, and now a contestant on The Strong House 2, He wanted to show live and under the watchful eye of thousands of viewers his insecurities and his current dissatisfaction with his physical appearance. “I see myself and I start crying, from … Read more

Bruce Willis, ‘El justiciero’ from TVE to thwart the first assault of ‘La casa fuerte’ on Telecinco

And also: ‘Liarla Pardo’ celebrates 100 broadcasts on laSexta, before the return of the season of ‘Salvados’ and the double interview with Alberto Garzón on ‘El Target’; night dedicated to music on the pay circuit with the premiere of ‘Hey Joe’ (Mobistar) and the celebration of the MTV EMAS 2020 Bruce Willis assaults the prime … Read more