Biden and Putin agreed in their first conversation: Extended by 5 years New START (Overview)

On the issue of Navalny, Ukraine and hackers, however, the US president sharply hardened the tone After the first telephone conversation between the new US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the US and Russia agreed on a New START agreement restricting the deployment of their nuclear weapons, international agencies reported. According … Read more

In a telephone conversation, Biden expressed concern about the poisoning of Navalny

Biden, whose first telephone conversation with Putin since taking office as US president, confirmed Washington’s strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and expressed concern about the poisoning of Navalny and the repression of his supporters, White House spokeswoman Jena Psaki said. The Kremlin, meanwhile, reported that Putin had told Biden that he supported the normalization of … Read more

Telephone call: US President Biden calls Chancellor Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel invites Joe Biden to her first joint phone call after the inauguration to Germany. (Archive image) Angela Merkel (66) and Joe Biden (78) phoned five days after the inauguration. The Chancellor has invited the new US President to Germany as soon as the corona pandemic allows such a visit. At the same time, … Read more

Bon Kredit Contact: Telephone Hotline, Customer Service & Address

Bon credit customer service Bon Kredit is a credit broker in Germany, which offers among other things loans without Schufa, car loans, real estate loans and loans for the self-employed. You can therefore always contact customer service if you have any questions or problems about the loans from Bon Kredite. Support will help you, for … Read more

Telephone fraudsters active in the Ludwigsburg district: fake bank employees, lawyers and civil servants – Marbach

Phone scammers are becoming more and more inventive when it comes to pulling money out of the pockets of bona fide victims: police officers reporting on burglars in the neighborhood, bringing the happy news of a lottery win with fees. Grandchildren or other close relatives who are currently in urgent need of money. There are … Read more

Telephone 112 will attend the urgencies of Guardia Urbana and Bombers Barcelona

CAT-EMERGENCY PHONES Barcelona, ​​Jan 2 (EFE) .- From this January, the 112 emergency telephone number will attend to emergency calls addressed to the Urban Guard and the Barcelona Bombers, as reported by both bodies on social networks., “The The Guardia Urbana and the Barcelona Fire Brigade join the 112 telephone line to expedite attention and … Read more

As of today, the Basic Universal and Mandatory Benefit for mobile and landline telephone services, Internet and cable TV is in force.

The purpose of the decree was to guarantee the human right of access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by any of its platforms, which required the establishment of rules by the State to ensure equitable, fair and affordable use reasonable in order to benefit the public interest, offering the user a greater variety of … Read more

Barnier considers latest UK fishing offer “unacceptable” | Economy

Fishing continues to be a target for Brexit. The European representative in the negotiations, the French Michel Barnier, considers the latest offer from the British to reach an agreement as “totally unacceptable”. This reaction comes after the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, and the president of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, … Read more

The number of phone scams on behalf of Microsoft on the rise

pamplona – The National Police warns that in recent days it has detected a third wave of telephone scams in which their authors pose as Microsoft technicians to inform the victim that they have a virus on their computers. To solve the problem they offer their services, asking for an amount of between 5 and … Read more

Telephone canvassing – They offer false subsidies to health insurance

Vaud police warned on Thursday against aggressive telephone canvassing in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. ATS Posted today at 12:36 The Canton of Vaud warns against telephone canvassing in connection with the coronavirus (illustration photo). KEYSTONE/GAETAN BALLY Several cases of appeals proposing so-called subsidies to health insurance due to Covid-19 have been announced, said … Read more