Another soldier was killed in Donbass. Moscow will bear the consequences of continued aggression, warned Blinken – CT24 – Czech Television

Blinken to escalate expressed in NBC television, where he reiterated that the United States is concerned about developments in the area. He also said that if Moscow continued its current behavior, it would suffer the consequences. “President Biden has made it clear. If Russia acts irresponsibly or aggressively, it will bear the costs, it will … Read more

Travel agencies are preparing for the tourist season. Up to a million Czechs plan to go abroad – ČT24 – Czech Television

Slavia Insurance returns money to Firo Tour clients For example, the Slavia insurance company has already started paying money for missed trips to clients of the Firo Tour travel agency. Although the company has not yet declared bankruptcy, according to the insurance company, it is unable to meet its obligations. The money should be recovered … Read more

Austria may have a million doses of Sputnik V, FDA does not see connection between blood clots and J&J vaccine – ČT24 – Czech Television

Pro Austria The vaccination campaign will mean the acquisition of the Russian vaccine “additional acceleration”, the APA quoted Chancellor Kurze as saying. The initiative to find a Russian vaccine was also defended by the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Chancellor of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), August Wöginger. There should be no “blindfolds” … Read more

The crash of the plane with President Kaczynski near Smolensk divides Poles even 11 years after the accident – ČT24 – Czech Television

Protesting entrepreneurs argue that if they cannot have their trades or businesses open, even the Polish government should not organize mass reverential events. “Only a few dozen businessmen have arrived at the square, where there is also a monument to the Smolensk catastrophe,” said Lukáš Mathé, a Czech television reporter from Warsaw. “Where is everyone? … Read more

Karlovy Vary has moved to the title. The West Czechs also won in the south of Bohemia and are already leading 2: 0 – ČT sport – Czech Television

Play-off UNIQA volleyball extra league men: Final – Match 2: Ceske Budejovice – Karlovy Vary 1: 3 (-20, 18, -22, -16) Judge: Krtička, Činátl. Time: 111 min. The score is now 0: 2.Lineups and points: České Budějovice: De Amo 2, Michálek 11, Mach 10, Schouten 15, Zmrhal 9, Ondrovič 6, libero Kryštof – Stoilovič, Rejlek … Read more

EMA investigates vaccine from Johnson and Johnson due to cases of blood clots – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the EMA, there have been four cases of severe blood clots associated with low platelet levels in people vaccinated with a preparation from J & J Janssen’s European division. “One case was reported during a clinical trial and three others during vaccination in the USA. One of them was fatal, “the drug agency … Read more

“Yo Soy”: Will Ricardo Morán return to be a jury member of the program? This said the television producer

¿Ricardo Moran will return to “I am”? The television producer used his social networks to talk with his followers and was asked if he would return to the program in this new season. For now, he denied that this is going to happen this year, but he does not rule out that it may happen … Read more

Sparta vehemently rejected the end of the season. White Tigers have been reset and the series will return to Prague – ČT sport – Czech Television

Tipsport extra league play-off semifinals – Match 4: White Tigers Liberec – HC Sparta Prague 0: 5 (0: 3, 0: 0, 0: 2) Goals and recordings: 9. Dvořáček (Jurčina, Tomáš Dvořák), 9. R. Horák (Rousek, Němeček), 17. Košťálek (M. Sukeľ), 44. Rousek (Němeček, Košťálek), 55. Řepík (R. Horák , Sobotka). Judges: Šír, Kika – Lederer, … Read more

The decisive trump card for Slavia is in the world. Kamara is lying, the television convicted him

Most of you already know the story well. At the end of the match, after the intervention on the striker Jan Kuchta, the defender sought Glen Kamara and whispered something to him. The Finnish representative claims that it was a racist insult, the offspring of Slovak football admitted a vulgar expression, but rejected the racist … Read more

Třinec avoided mistakes and defeated Mladá Boleslav 3: 1 – ČT sport – Czech Television

BK Mlada Boleslav – HC Ocelari Trinec 1: 3 (0: 2, 1: 1, 0: 0) Goals and recordings: 29. D. Šťastný (Šidlík, Kotala) – 2. Rodewald (M. Špaček, M. Kovařčík), 13. M. Růžička (M. Stránský, P. Vrána), 39. M. Roman (Dravecký). Judges: Hodek, Lacina – Brejcha, Pešek. Exclusion: 2: 3. Utilization: 0: 1. No spectators. … Read more