A giant discharge from the storm sent a record amount of energy into space — ČT24 — Czech Television

Research has estimated that this gigantic discharge, technically called a “giant jet” (gigantic jet), transferred about three hundred coulombs of electric charge from the storm to the ionosphere, i.e. the lower edge of outer space. However, typical lightning usually transfers less than five coulombs between cloud and ground or within clouds. The upward discharge included … Read more

Russia continues to acquire Western electronics needed for advanced weapons, writes BBC — ČT24 — Czech Television

After studying the wreckage of Russian weapons and technology, experts concluded that more than 450 imported components are used in the latest Russian weapons, mainly from the USA, but also from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and European countries. These parts are used in Iskander and Tornado-S missiles and in other types of ammunition, in unmanned … Read more

A Polish bus crashed in Croatia, twelve people died — ČT24 — Czech Television

The accident happened around 05:40 on the highway in the direction of Zagreb in the section between the towns of Breznički Hum and Komin. A bus with a Warsaw license plate, which apparently left the town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki located near the Polish capital, ran off the road. The causes of the accident are not … Read more

He became world champion for the third time in the non-Olympic 500m, Fuksa has bronze – ČT sport – Czech Television

He made it known before the WC that he would aim for at least the eleventh world medal at his favorite distance. He set off vigorously after her, already in the middle of the track with a narrow lead. Then he accelerated even more and the rest of the starting field was not eligible. The … Read more

The author of the article described the incident at Babiš’s meeting. The intervention was probably not in order, experts agree — ČT24 — Czech Television

“The boy we see in the photo was with his mom at the meeting. Suddenly he went and took away the speaker with the stand,” Svobodová described, adding that after a while he returned the speaker after several challenges. The editor of Respekt stated that police officers came to the boy immediately and dealt with … Read more

Jeon So-min, a goddess in a swimsuit… Lovely charm [인스타]

Actress Jeon So-min showed off her lovely charm.On the 5th, Jeon So-min posted a photo with Taeyang emoticon added without any comments on her personal Instagram. In the published photo, Jeon So-min was taken on the beach. In particular, his distinct facial features and beautiful swimsuit shape drew admiration from the viewers. Netizens who saw … Read more

It is almost impossible to buy a ticket to the Adršpašské rocks on the spot. Disappointed tourists demand entry — ČT24 — Czech Television

Dozens of meter-long visitor queues and policemen regulating traffic on crowded roads – this is what it looked like at the Adršpašské rocks in 2019. Queues at the entrance to the rocks no longer form. The online booking system made the check-in process faster. A maximum of four hundred visitors may enter per hour. However, … Read more

China simulated an attack on our main island, said Taiwan — ČT24 — Czech Television

According to the ministry, several groups of Chinese aircraft have been detected in the Taiwan Strait. Some crossed the middle line of the strait, the informal border separating the two sides. Taiwan’s military broadcast a warning and used air patrols, naval ships and surface-to-air missiles to deal with the situation. In the case of the … Read more

The interview for Russian television served its purpose, says Dominik Hašek. His views on the war were read by thousands of people — ČT24 — Czech Television

“I didn’t believe that the Russian media would publish it, that’s why I prepared the interview in Czech and Russian and I took great care in the translation,” says Hašek, adding that his goal was to spread himself to reach as many Russian-speaking people as possible. It worked, says the now famous athlete. “It was … Read more

‘Dentist’ Lee Soo-jin dieting ahead of her 3rd marriage “Great battle with my brother” [인스타]

Dentist Lee Soo-jin told the news about her diet ahead of her third marriage. On August 2nd, Lee Soo-jin posted a video on her Instagram with the caption, “Let’s be a pretty bride and groom. A big fight to lose weight with my brother.” In the released video, Lee Soo-jin sits in a modern restaurant … Read more