Cyclocross player Hladíková third among juniors. The men ruled Iserbyt, the women Van Empelová – ČT sport – Czech Television

Flamanville Cyclocross World Cup results Cyclocross World Cup in Flamanville (France): Men: 1. Iserbyt 1:01:51, 2. Toon Aerts -59, 3. Vanthourenhout -1:12, 4. Sweeck (všichni Belg.) -1:39, 5. Kuhn (Švýc.) -1:44, 6 Adams (Belgium) -1:46. SP standings (after 14 of 15 races): 1. Iserbyt 445, 2. Vanthourenhout 335, 3. Toon Aerts 327, 4. Hermans (Belgian) … Read more

The parish should resign from his mandate or scholarship, Bartoš said. A member of the STAN movement, meanwhile, flew to the USA – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Although this is a decision of Mr. Farský and the STAN party, not only me, but also a lot of people perceive it negatively. In addition, Honza Farský was the leader of the candidate. It would seem problematic to me, even if it was someone on the tail (candidates), “said Bartoš, adding that he still … Read more

The 100th race of the Ski Classics La Venosta Time Trial series was dominated by Gjerdalen and Norgrenová – ČT sport – Czech Television

15. 01. 2022 15. 01. 2022 Author CT sport The Ski Classics series of long-distance cross-country skiing continued with the La Venosta Time Trial. However, due to the lack of snow, the 100th race of the series had to be changed from a 75-kilometer track to a ten-kilometer race with intravenous starts. Gjerdalen and Norgren … Read more

The second congress in Wengen also escaped the home team, Feuz finished second behind Kriechmayr – Czech Television sport – Czech Television

In Friday’s race, Kriechmayr finished twelfth. In addition, he was allowed to start by an exception from the International Ski Federation, because he lost both training sessions in Switzerland due to quarantine. Although the leadership of the Swiss national team objected to Kriechmayr’s start, the Austrian skier stated that the opinion of the officials was … Read more

Guerreros animator leaves Wapa Television

Puerto Rican entertainer José Figueroa announced through social networks his departure from Wapa Television, where he served as host of the “Guerreros” program, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5:30 in the afternoon. In a post on his social accounts, Figueroa announced that he had moved to the United States to be part … Read more

A truly valuable victory. The first of the famous congresses in Wengen was dominated by Nor Kilde – ČT sport – Czech Television

World Cup downhill skiing in Wengen (Switzerland): Men & # 39; s Downhill: 1. Kilde (NOR) 1: 42.42, 2. Odermatt -0.19, 3. Feuz (both Swiss) -0.30, 4. Hemetsberger -0.46, 5. Franz -0.66, 6. Mayer (all Austria) -0.78, 7. Bennett -0.95, 8. Cochran-Siegle (both USA) -0.96, 9. Paris (It.) -1.00, 10. Čater (Slovenia) -1.15. Running order … Read more

Megacota Troubles. Szczecin celebrity developer at the exit of television?

Trouble for the Szczecin entrepreneur who shows his life in the TVN substation was brought by a Warsaw city activist. The resident of Szczecin may lose his place in the television program and announces that he will sue the Varsovian for slander. Information that Arkadiusz Zgorzelski will no longer be one of the heroes of … Read more

Competition for Dakar Rally – ČT sport – Czech Television

The name Paris last appeared in the name of the famous Dakar Rally in 1999. A) YES B) WHAT Send your answer in the format: DAKAR space A or B to the number 900 11 by midnight today. SMS price according to the operator’s tariff, technically operated by ATS Prague, From the correct answers, … Read more

At night, temperatures dropped well below zero. They measured minus 27.6 degrees at Březník in Šumava – ČT24 – Czech Television

The temperature dropped elsewhere in the morning around eight o’clock in the morning and Kvilda was overcome by Březník, where meteorologists measured 27.6 degrees Celsius, which according to them is the lowest temperature this winter so far. Ice days “It simply came to our notice then. It happens that the temperature in Šumava drops below … Read more

Sprint in the Alps testified best to Elvira Öbergová, Jislová and Davidová in the top ten – ČT sport – Czech Television

Biathlon World Championships in Ruhpolding (Germany), Women – Sprint (7.5 km): 1. E. Öberg (Sweden) 19: 45.2 (0 laps), 2. Röiseland (NOR) -21.6 (0), 3. Wierer (It.) -29.7 (0) , 4. Alimbekavová (BEL) -30.2 (0), 5. Braisazová-Bouchetová (Fr.) -40.0 (1), 6. Hauserová (AUT) -42.1 (0), 7. Bescond (Fr.) -48.2 (0), 8. Mironov (RUS) -50.9 (0), … Read more