Russia warns the US not to test its patience

Russia has threatened retaliation if the US continues its drone flights over the Black Sea. reports “Sputnik”. “We are warning them not to try to play on our nerves, to test our patience”stressed Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. His statement came after the accident involving an American drone in the Black Sea. “What is … Read more

Finances in extreme tension: a multinational mega operation seeks to restore confidence and avoid a global banking crisis

Unlike the 2008/2009 crisis, this time it is a clear and classic crisis of confidence (REUTERS / Moritz Hager) The reason for the existence of banks and the banking and financial systems is that money and credit –the “merchandise” that they multiply and offer– provide the functions of a medium of exchange in the economy … Read more

Do not start 1on1 with subordinates with “Thank you very much” … The most effective “first word” found through experiments When it comes to an interview, the tension drops and the dialogue does not hold | PRESIDENT Online (President Online) )

What kind of dialogue do excellent leaders who continue to produce results have? Shinji Koshikawa, CEO of Cross River, who conducted a survey of 170,000 business people and conducted an AI analysis, said, “If you start a job conversation with ‘Thank you very much,’ like an interview, the tension will drop and the dialogue will … Read more

4 keys that explain the tension between Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela due to the migration crisis on the border

Writing BBC News World March 17, 2023 image source, Reuters Caption, Boric visited Chile’s northern border on Wednesday. The migratory crisis situation in the north of Chile has provoked a confrontation between the governments of Santiago and Bolivia. Chilean President, Gabriel Boricasked the governments of Bolivia and Venezuela to receive the migrants deported by the … Read more

Stability in sight in Europe, the banking sector remains under tension – 03/13/2023 at 08:44

by Claude Chendjou PARIS (Reuters) – The main European stock markets are expected on a stable note on Monday at the opening after Friday’s fall linked to the setbacks of SVB Financial Group as the authorities try to reassure on the impact of the collapse of the bank American. Index futures suggest a 0.19% decline … Read more

Reception crisis: a new squat in Saint-Josse, tension rises with the police (video)

The occupations of asylum seekers left on the street by Fedasil have so far been relatively tolerated by the authorities. These, supported by the police, now seem to have changed course. Article reserved for subscribers By Maxime Biermé and Arthur Sente Published on 03/13/2023 at 18:52Reading time: 5 mins Lhe federal government will not have … Read more

It happened while you were sleeping. Salwa from Korea. Tension on the peninsula is growing – WP Wiadomosci

Karina Strzelinska, 10 mark 2023 07:30 share Tweet We present a list of events from last night. We have collected some of the most important ones. Keep up to date with events in Poland and the war in Ukraine by clicking HERE Also follow events in Ukraine in our LIVE FEATURES Kim Jong Un has … Read more

US-China tension, the risk of an escalation: “They are also preparing for a possible military confrontation. The most dangerous fuse? Taiwan remains”

Chinese e United States they are gearing up for a clash that can no longer be considered alone economic o diplomaticbut which also contemplates the possibility of one military crisis. And the latest harsh statements by Beijing’s foreign minister, Qin Gangare nothing but evidence of a constant and gradual deterioration of relationships between the two … Read more