Nissan Terra 2022, Predicted to Win the Title of King of SUVs and Will Enliven the Indonesian Automotive Market

iNSulteng – Tombstone is the only product Japan which always has a unique product. This time he’s going up against the tough-to-fight muscular twins in this cool car. It’s a Nissan Terra 2022. Nissan Terra 2022, to the point of being called the king of diesel SUVs. News circulating Nissan Terra 2022 is predicted to … Read more

Is the collapse of the Terra (Luna) currency expected 4 years ago?

Seasoned Ethereum (ETH) developer, investor, and advisor Mariano Conte, former head of smart contracts at MakerDAO, recalled a discussion about the design flaws of the Terra (LUNA) coin from April 2018. ‘Death spiral’ is predicted for TERRA (LUNA) in 2018 Conte shared on Twitter a statement from Cyrus Younesi, fellow MakerDAO on April 20, 2018, … Read more

Bitcoin Price Will Break US$500 Thousand, Says Mike Novogratz, After Big Loss at Terra Luna — Blockchain Media Indonesia

Even though he regrets investing in Terra LUNA, because he suffered a huge loss, Galaxy Digital’s Founder and CEO Mike Novogratz sure the price of Bitcoin will penetrate US $ 500 thousand per BTC. “Yes, I believe the price of Bitcoin will reach US$500 thousand per BTC, as more and more corporate investors are becoming … Read more

Lesson “LUNA” reflects the habits of Thai traders, overconfident, parade of spoons while falling, a loss of 980 million!

“Luna“Network Medal”Terra” is another “Crypto” In the trading circle, no one knows. Especially after creating a legend shaking the cryptocurrency industry. The phenomenon from the sky to the abyss of Luna that has traders all over the world can join in creating legends “lesson“No less important times. Not even Thai traders. If counting only trading … Read more

The market is resting! But the Terra family still won’t rest, LUNC is the most popular, USTC is the strongest.

The market has calmed down for a moment, but don’t trust it. Lots of risk factors await! Survey reveals the Terra family still dominates, “LUNC” ranked No. 1 and “USTC” the most expensive, up 58 from 70. Trading atmosphere in the cryptocurrency market this morning The storm seemed to have calmed for a moment. Over … Read more

Excavations of Pompeii, discovered a land turtle with its egg: intact after two thousand years

“We are used to thinking of Pompeii only as a monument with its remains, mosaics, frescoes. In reality it was a city like all those we know, very lively and therefore made up of women, men but also animals, plants, magnificent gardens, that is a complex landscape, therefore a real ecosystem… ». The director of … Read more

This is the difference between Luna Classic (LUNC) and Terra LUNA 2.0 — Blockchain Media Indonesia

The fall of the Terra LUNA ecosystem colored the second quarter of this year with fanfare. How not, there are a lot of Terra investors who lost their money due to the falling price of Luna Classic (LUNC) tokens and stablecoins algorithmic, UST. Terra LUNA Now A drop of more than 90 percent has plunged … Read more

The Alps increasingly green and poor in snow – Terra & Poli

The changes that have been advancing in space for almost 38 years are now clearly visible from space Alpsmaking them increasingly poor in snow e rich in greenwith the vegetation that rises higher and higher: the American satellites have recorded them Landsat for the observation of the Earth, indicating how some areas that are beyond … Read more

Binance Forms Investigation Team Regarding Allegations Regarding Terra LUNA — Blockchain Media Indonesia

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) formed a team to investigate allegations related to Terra (LUNA) from a Twitter account source named FatMan (@FatManTerra) against Do Kwon, founder of Terraform Labs. Previously, Shizu didn’t agree with the idea stablecoins the Terra USD (UST) algorithm and Kwon’s LUNA and UST crypto asset recovery plans. Binance is wary … Read more