“Russians secretly come out at night”… Ukrainian call center female employee ‘shock testimony’

Ask for surrender on the ‘I want to live’ hotlineAfter opening in September, more than 6,500 Russians ‘request for help’How to surrender Main inquiry enlarge photo The number of Russian troops calling the Surrender Service, which Ukraine opened in September, to ask about “how to surrender” is rapidly increasing. [사진출처 = BBC] The British Daily … Read more

Zuhair Al-Nubani evaluates the Jordanian drama, with the testimony of Ayman Reda

Amman: «The Gulf» The Jordanian artist, Zuhair Al-Nubani, used the testimony of his Syrian counterpart, Ayman Reda, about the leadership of Jordanian drama in the Arab world at its inception, to discuss its current situation. Al-Nubani published on his website, on Monday evening, a video clip of a media dialogue with Reda on the “Sky … Read more

Testimony of the congregation of women victims of sexual harassment during Hajj and Umrah: ‘Many have experienced it’ but ‘are considered as retribution for sin’

image source, BBC/Davies Surya January 24, 2023 The sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by an Indonesian citizen (WNI) against a female Lebanese congregation in Mecca echoes the similar traumatic experiences experienced by a number of Indonesian female pilgrims during the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. The Indonesian citizen named Muhammad Said has been sentenced to two years … Read more

The cinema museum has received as a gift a testimony of the time of the barricades – the camera of cameraman Slapiņa

LKA Riga Cinema Museum received special evidence of the era as a gift, including the camera used by film director and cameraman Andras Slapiņas, informs the “Delfi” portal, museum manager Agnese Logina. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The donation to the museum’s collection was received from the film studio “Deviņi”. The Cinema Museum … Read more

Testimony reveals “Tesla lied”… What did the self-driving manager say?

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The aforementioned video dates back to 2016, and the testimony of the self-driving program director is in "Tesla" Ashok Eluswami took evidence in a lawsuit against the company, as part of the investigation into a fatal accident that occurred in 2018. Exciting details • In October 2016 published "Tesla" A … Read more

Testimony of UNY Students Who Have Difficulty Paying for UKT, Leisure Leave to Borrowing from Banks

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – The bitter story of Yogyakarta State University students (UNY), Nur Riska Fitri Aningsih who had struggled to pay a single tuition fee (UKT) until his death, opening the stories of a number of other students who had the same fate. The sad testimony of a number of UNY students was revealed in … Read more

Harsh testimony about the fighting in Soledar: the Russians send criminals there, they don’t even remove their bodies from the streets

The head of the Ukrainian president’s office, Andriy Jermak, declared on Friday that the situation in the city of Soledar is “the battle for Verdun of the 21st century”. Jermak with these words commemorated the longest-lasting battle of the First World War in 1916 between France and Germany, which resulted in a huge number of … Read more

I returned some coquetry, it never got anywhere. I can’t stand it, Wollner reacts to the testimony of inappropriate behavior

What we also ask in the interview: How Marek Wollner perceives that several people accuse him of inappropriate behavior. Did he try to influence any of them after the affair broke out? Does he admit that he committed bossing or sexual harassment, as it sounds in some testimonies? Does this case mean the end of … Read more

Fire in Vina del Mar | “Years of sacrifice are gone in a few minutes”: the hard testimony of a family that lost everything due to the fire in Chile

Atahualpa Amerise @atareports BBC News World December 29, 2022 image source, EPA “It was a matter of minutes, it swept everything away immediately,” laments Marianela Miranda. Like many of her neighbors, this 57-year-old housewife has lost her home and practically all her possessions in the raging fire that burned more than 120 hectares in Viña … Read more

Tajani, postage stamp in Sassoli message to future generations – Politics

“David Sassoli was a respectable person and so he will have to be remembered. The stamp dedicated to him, which we presented today, will be a testimony for future generations. Regardless of the positions they hold, it matters to be honest. This was my friend David.” Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani writes it on Twitter. Urso, … Read more