NASA | Moon | NASA conducts testing for a new mission to the Moon | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

The program of the American space agency NASA that will bring humans back to the Luna carried out this Monday, with some problems, a test at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida that consisted especially of filling fuel tanks and counting down. The test had been canceled last April due to problems pumping the more … Read more

Critical testing necessary for prediction models

Thousands of prediction models are created every year, but only a fraction of them are also applied in clinical practice. PhD candidate Tom Hueting (University of Twente) explained which criteria a prediction model must meet, and investigated its application in breast and prostate cancer. Clinical prediction models are statistical tools that can aid in the … Read more

Doubtful benefit of sugar testing all 40-year-olds –

– It is important to find people with pre-diabetes to take preventive measures so they do not develop the disease. But we can see that very few 40-year-olds have been caught with the test in this way, says Mattias Brunström, ST doctor and researcher at Umeå University. What the researchers at Umeå University have studied … Read more

Cellular testing for Lyme disease not reliable

The standard blood test for Lyme disease measures so-called antibodies against the Lyme bacteria. To determine whether someone has Lyme disease, doctors in the Netherlands often use antibody tests. So-called cellular tests have been on the market for some time now. These tests are not reliable, according to research. Read more on

WhatsApp is testing the ‘automatic albums’ feature for the web version

app works واتساب Owned by the American company “Meta”, it is constantly improving the user experience day by day, as two days ago it published a method for converting Android data to iOS. And press reports revealed that the instant messaging platform is testing the “automatic albums” feature for the web version, as WABetaInfo said … Read more

WhatsApps have begun testing a feature to move chat history across Android to iOS.

last year WhatsApp The famous chat program has tested and launched a feature to move old conversations from iOS to mobile phones in Android systems. Samsung Before expanding, it can be used with mobile phones running Android 12 and above. Most recently, for those who use Android but want to move to iOS, there is … Read more

Photoshop for free. Adobe is testing a new version of the program

Why Adobe the free version of Photoshop when everyone is paying for it anyway? According to company representative Maria Yap, this is an attempt to make Photoshop more accessible for more people so that they can get to know the program for free. And this is a really good catch, which can work especially for … Read more

Fiat is testing induction charging for electric cars, it has to save battery

For all today’s electric cars, driving on the highway, especially at higher speeds, draws battery power at a dizzying pace. Fiat, however, managed to ensure that its electric “five hundred” does not consume energy while driving. Invented mobile perpetuum? In any case. Both the car and the road are adapted for induction charging while driving. … Read more

Presentation of the book Tegenwind: ‘Now finally stop testing en masse’

Brasschaat, BARN64, Sunday afternoon 12/6, the launch of the book Tegenwind. To the regret of those who envy it, the book – just like the award-winning documentary series – appeals to a lot of people. More than 500 attendees showed up for the debate with six scientists, whose criticism of corona policy is widely heard … Read more

Saliva test enables thoughtful testing

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new form of rapid test to detect infections in farm animals, responding to the growing threat of dangerous outbreaks. The prototype has proven effective in detecting a devastating diarrheal infection in pigs first identified in Canada in 2014, and can be adapted to test other pathogens and in … Read more