The Russians shot down their own planes at the beginning of the invasion

At the beginning of the invasion, the Russians should have shot down several of their machines. The British newspaper cites high-ranking sources in the US administration. “Maybe it wasn’t double digits, but it was definitely more than one or two planes,” they quoted The Financial Times (FT) unnamed former senior US official. Nervous pilots The … Read more

Economist: We can get through next winter without Russia

Looking back, we see that Russian Gazprom did not fill the storage tanks it had rented in Europe before the heating season in autumn 2021. Did no one notice? Law wrote about it in August of that year. In my opinion, this is one of the proofs that Russia has been preparing for war in … Read more

Polish leopards are already in Ukraine

It is written by the Reuters agency. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki arrived today in the country that has been facing Russian aggression for exactly one year. “The prime minister cannot be here, he went to Kiev to hand over the Leopard tanks, this is their first group,” said President Andrzej Duda at the opening … Read more

The first leopards are in Ukraine

The Polish government’s spokesperson informed about the Polish step on Friday after noon, and according to the Polish media, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is yet to announce it in person in Kyiv. The politician arrived in the Ukrainian capital right on the first anniversary of Russian aggression. “The first leopards from Poland have already arrived … Read more

China will supply drones to Russia, writes a German weekly

Each ZT-180 drone should be able to carry a warhead weighing 35 to 50 kilograms. The design should be similar to Iran’s Shahid-136, military experts say. In the next step, Xi’an Bingo Intelligent Aviation Technology plans to set up drone production in Russia to produce 100 drones per month, he writes The mirror. According to … Read more

COMMENTARY: A year of war in Ukraine shattered the order of the world – Alex Švamberk

The Kremlin decided to continue the war, even if it failed to strike a lightning strike that would have removed the government and replaced it with a pro-Moscow puppet one. The tough defense of the Ukrainians took him by surprise, but did not deter him from trying to control at least Donbas and the coast … Read more

Video of the night attack: Ukrainians showed how they spoiled the surprise of the Russians

A Russian column, consisting of one tank and three combat vehicles, attacked Ukrainian troops near the town of Marjinka at night. This is claimed by the Ukrainian 79th independent airborne brigade Mykolayiv, which on the social network video from the battle she published. The described circumstances cannot be independently verified. The unexpected night sortie was … Read more

Moscow ordered the Latvian ambassador to leave Russia within two weeks

Because of this, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Latvian chargé d’affaires on Friday, expressed a “decisive protest” to her and emphasized that it does not accept an explanation in the form of “referring to some solidarity with other Baltic states”. The Russian ministry decided not to wait for the date announced by Riga to … Read more

Hungary will veto all nuclear sanctions

He called the completion of two units of the only Hungarian nuclear power plant, Paks, with the help of Russia, as crucial. The completion of the two blocks of the Paks nuclear power plant should be completed between 2026 and 2027. According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, sanctions do not help Ukraine and will not … Read more

Pavel’s website was attacked by pro-Russian hackers. It was not the only destination in the Czech Republic

According to Check Point, Russian hackers led by the hacktivist group NoName057(16) are behind the attacks during the presidential election. At the same time, it specializes in destinations in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. This group has a history of successful DDoS attacks on the websites of countries supporting Ukraine. “We have already seen similar cyberattacks … Read more