Russia needs hundreds of thousands more troops. The former president announced a new plan

The Russian armed forces should have at least 1.5 million soldiers. Former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced this in an interview with the TASS agency and other Russian media. Before the war in Ukraine, approximately 1.15 million men and women served in the Russian armed … Read more

Ukraine is to receive weapons of mass destruction with depleted uranium. The Russians are furious

The big reaction among the Russian leaders and their allies was triggered by information about the supply of depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine. There has been criticism regarding the negative impact on human health, concerns about escalation and threats. At the same time, Russia also uses this ammunition in Ukraine. British Defense Secretary Annabel Goldie … Read more

Russia has said how it will react if someone arrests Putin

Updated 13:48, 23/03/2023 23. 3. 2023, 12:48 Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a sharp warning to Western countries. If they decide to follow the arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, they will be severely punished. Medvedev also called Ukraine part of Russia, and the world should not expect an improvement in relations in … Read more

Putin is afraid of death. He barricaded himself in an anti-nuclear bunker

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fears that someone will kill him are growing every day. According to experts, he is hidden in an anti-nuclear bunker and is represented in front of the public by a doppelganger. It is said that he had the shelters, which have been scattered throughout the country since the time of the … Read more

After the elections, there will probably be a government that will bring Bulgaria into the war in Ukraine

Escalation is set and the theoretical scenario of a nuclear war is completely real, warns political analyst Prof. Ivo Hristov, who was a guest of Flagman Keywords: Prof. Ivo Hristov, political analysis, elections, war in Ukraine, third world war, nuclear war, USA, Russia, China, India, Europe, conflict, geopolitics, Burgas – Prof. Hristov, last night you … Read more

EURO | MEPs ask UEFA to exclude Belarus from EURO qualification

“At stake are not only UEFA’s values, but also UEFA’s reputation and image in all democratic societies and international communities,” said the letter to UEFA president Alexandru Čeferin. Both Russia and Belarus were banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions last year after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, UEFA later decided … Read more

Putin lost half of the recruited prisoners. He is already sending female prisoners to the front

The tradition of Russian criminal battalions continues to be maintained by the Wagner group, the private army of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. Although the prisoners were successfully recruited last year, they probably won’t enjoy their freedom much. According to British intelligence, the Wagners have already lost half of the prisoners deployed. Apparently, Russia is already sending … Read more

Putin is losing friends. Almost no one trusts him anymore, they just fear him

Even formerly loyal allies are turning away from Russia and its ruler Vladimir Putin after a year of war in Ukraine. This mainly concerns the countries of the former Soviet Union, which have historically close ties to Russia. Although there are various exceptions. Many states remain in Russia’s sphere of influence simply because they are … Read more

The original estimates did not come true. Intelligence has calculated how long Russia can go to war

When the war in Ukraine began, it was estimated that it would last only a few months. Analysis by Lithuanian military intelligence now suggests that Russia has the capacity to wage war for another two years. Although the losses are huge, according to her, Moscow still has stocks of weapons and other military equipment from … Read more

Putin’s entourage knows that Ukraine will win, the expert claims. A replacement is being reported for him

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s entourage knows that he has failed in the war in Ukraine and has realized that the country has a problem. Olga Lautmanová, an analyst at the Center for the Analysis of European Politics, claims this. His current allies could therefore try to replace him. “Putin humiliated Russia and the military because … Read more