Mars is not what we expected.. a NASA vehicle reveals new information about the red planet

Three years after NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed on Mars – sending back information collected from millions of miles away, for the first time scientists mapped the interior of the Red Planet, discovering a thinner-than-expected crust. Liquidity from previous estimates. .

‘Unmentionable suffering threatens’ –

We have been able to experience it for ourselves recently: the climate is upset. And good too. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm again. If we don’t act immediately, a bleak future awaits us, it sounds. In the latest report 31 parameters are analysed, including greenhouse gas emissions, changes in surface temperature, the loss of … Read more

Vaccinated staff poses a risk in the hospital –

According to Trouw, the Outbreak Management Team is concerned about the possible spread of the coronavirus by vaccinated healthcare workers. Infections with a high contagiousness are found among vaccinated healthcare workers, so there is a risk of transmission of this virus to vulnerable patients. Most ‘breakthrough infections’ among healthcare workers are accompanied by mild or … Read more

Vaccinated and yet infected? These are the symptoms –

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you can become infected with the delta variant and pass the virus on to others. But how do you know you’re infected if you don’t get sick anymore? There are some symptoms that are slightly different from an infection without vaccination. A large study from King’s College London found … Read more

D. Rappais’ coach I.Paipalienė, who pushed the positivity about the place in the world to the side: “The result was really disappointing”

Two Lithuanian swimmers danced to the Tokyo Olympic Pool on Tuesday – Today Rapshys and Andrius Šidlauskas. D.Rapšys participated in the 200 m freestyle final in the morning session, but from the very first 50 meters the Lithuanian, who was near the last swimmers, was unable to catch them and finished 8th (1 min. 45.78 … Read more

Top 5.. Saudi Arabia is punished with a three-year travel ban.. Hariri demands the lifting of Aoun’s immunity

From Saudi Arabia’s threat to ban travel for 3 years for those who visit the banned countries, and the Ennahda movement in Tunisia issues a new statement..a warning against recovery and a call for consultations, passing through Hariri’s proposal to lift the constitutional immunity of the President of the Republic and the government in the … Read more

J.Blažičius confirmed about the negotiations with the “Žalgiris” team

Representing the Slovenian national team at the Tokyo Olympic Games Jaka Blažičius approved negotiations with Kaunas “Žalgiris”. “I would not like to talk about it during this tournament, but yes -” Žalgiris “is a big club, every player’s desire is to play there, – said J. Blažičius and confirmed that the languages ​​are happening. … Read more

Its value is 8.8 million dollars.. What is the story of the speech that lit the torch of the Olympic movement?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On November 25, 1892, the founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, learned the hard way that participation really matters. The day was meticulously planned, and after years of research, the 29-year-old Baron announced his idea to revive the Olympic Games in ancient Greece in the modern era. … Read more

Tokyo Olympics: M.Griškonis made it to the semi-finals, D.Karalienė and M.Valčiukaitė made it to the finals, the men’s double did not oppose the rivals, the comfort of four places was unsuccessful

The rowing competition continues in the Sea Forest Channel of the Tokyo Olympic Games, in which all four Lithuanian crews took part on Sunday. In the scorching heat of Tokyo Mindaugas Griškonis started in the men’s singles boat quarterfinals, the women’s doubles doubles Milda Valčiukaitė and Donata Queen and male doubles doubles Saulius Ritter and … Read more