Hyundai Stargazer Has Sophisticated Features, Makes Thieves Sweat Cold

Monday, 20 June 2022 – 10:00 WIB VIVA – In order to enliven the MPV car market or Multi Purpose Vehicle in the country, PT Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMID) will launch Hyundai Stargazer soon. Before it was officially launched, the Hyundai Stargazer had been promoted through social media, to several advertisements in the form of … Read more

Better not to joke with the Olympic champion: a Pole arrested a thief and handed him over to the police | Sports

Anita Wlodarczyk is one of the most famous athletes in Poland. The 36-year-old athlete in 2012, 2016 and 2020. became Olympic hammer throw champion, she has also won gold medals at European and World Championships four times. But it is also solid outside the stadium. The Polish shared a post on social media stating that … Read more

Back to the time of the slug. Lady Simplified’s version doesn’t even have protection from thieves

Lada cars go back to the days of the slugs. Last week, AvtoVAZ resumed production of the Grant model, but with significantly trimmed equipment. There has been speculation about what elements the car will eventually receive, but information from Russian carmakers has exceeded even the least optimistic assumptions. Already last week, according to information from … Read more

They stood as if scalded and preferred to flee. The attacked man ingeniously outsmarted the thieves

Check out a selection of viral videos from the first week of June. The editorial staff of the video team was captivated by the prompt rescue from a dangerous gang, a harsh attack by an orangutan and an unexpected surprise at the hotel resort. Done for fear Two gang members were about to rob a … Read more

From the masks that “prevent the vote” to the code of thieves: the fake news of the last 7 days

The masks and the Referendum There are those who argue that the use of masks and all the anti Covid-19 measures adopted is an attempt by the Government to prevent voters from going to vote in the referendum on justice, and consequently during the administrative elections. Figures on the turnout of previous elections, held during … Read more

Man tries to assault woman in the street; truck passengers get out to hit him

Security cameras managed to capture the moment when a man tries to rob to a woman in a highway in Brazilthe story would take an unexpected turn when a passenger truck stopped and several men got out to beat up the robber. In a video that went viral, the man can be seen threatening the … Read more

“We are tired of crime”: mother faced thieves to rescue her children from a trap

“We are tired of crime”: mother faced thieves to rescue her children from a trap A group of neighbors met on Pedro Aguirre Cerda Avenue in the Central Station district, in order to demonstrate for a string of lock-ins and slams that have occurred in recent weeks. Tvn 05.06.2022 A mother confronted the criminals … Read more

Kicked, punched and pushed.. A camera monitors a jewelry store employee and her colleague beating up a group of thieves

CCTV captured the moment jewelry store employees kicked, punched, and hit people trying to smash and rob a jewelry store with glass smashers they were carrying, in Huntington Beach, California. Police in the city are still searching for the suspects after they have left with empty hands. Police in the city are still searching for … Read more

This is the chronology of motorbike thieves climbing the roof of Jatiroto Lumajang residents’ houses

Angry mobs beat motorbike thieves who ran over to residents’ houses Jatiroto – Viral video shows a motorcycle thief running up to the roof of a resident’s house because he was caught trying to steal a bicycle. Angry residents chased the perpetrators and were immediately beaten even though the perpetrators were still on the roofs … Read more