Egypt News | Local sport / Salah Third … Learn about the assessment of Liverpool’s players against Southampton

Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, got a good rating in the Southampton match, which ended with the Reds winning a double clean in the match that was held this evening, Saturday, in the 35th round of the English Premier League. Salah scored a goal by Sadio Mane in the 31st minute, then Thiago Alcantara managed to … Read more

Third dose of Pfizer / Biontech vaccine would be needed | International

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that “probably” a third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be necessary within 12 months after being fully vaccinated, for immunization to be complete. “It is extremely important to suppress the group of people who may be susceptible to the virus,” explained Bourla, who also indicated that these doses … Read more

relive the Crisis Center press conference on video

Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 10:47 a.m. By Sudinfo with Belga This Tuesday, after a long Easter weekend, the Crisis Center is holding a press conference to take stock of the evolution of the epidemic in Belgium. “The recent figures show some encouraging positive trends but, at the same time, we are on … Read more

Covid, with the second surge in infections at work – Economy

156,766 reports of accidents at work from Covid-19 reported to Inail since the beginning of the epidemic, about a quarter of the total accident reports arrived from January 2020 and 5.4% of the national infected. This can be read in the Inail Report updated as of February 28, in which 499 reports of fatal cases … Read more

Russia approves its third COVID-19 vaccine,’Kobibak’

Russia has officially approved the third COVID-19 vaccine’Kobibak’ developed by itself. Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mischstein announced the approval of Kobivac at a meeting on vaccines on the 20th, and said that the first production of Kobivac would be 120,000 doses on the market in the middle of next month. Prime Minister Mischstein stressed that … Read more

Strong adjustment in Copesa: La Cuarta abandons kiosks and LT cuts paper circulation to 2 regions | Economy

During this day they were notified drastic changes inside Copesa, due to the crisis that hits the company hard. La Cuarta, the emblematic “popular newspaper”, will close its paper editions. From now on, it will only work in the web version with a writing team of four journalists. Added to this is that La Tercera … Read more

The variant not synonymous with third wave according to two experts: “To assert this is an error of interpretation”

The two epidemiologists returned to the evolution of the British variant in Belgium, which already represents 20% of positive tests for the coronavirus. If the situation is not encouraging, it is not necessarily synonymous with third wave according to them. MOn Wednesday, a covid commissioner report drew several alarming conclusions about the British variant, which … Read more

The third wave will double waiting lists and delay the diagnosis of tumors for up to six months

As if it were a huge tsunami, the coronavirus once again engulfs all the resources of hospitals and health centers. Deferred operations, tests suspended and dedicated physicians in body and soul to the pandemic. The situation is once again a carbon copy of what happened in March and professionals already warn that it will translate … Read more

Restrictions to curb new strains move the economy away from recovery | Economy

The third wave of the coronavirus is spreading across Europe at a frantic pace, driven by the new South African and British variants, already detected in a good number of countries. Non-essential businesses and activities closed, home confinement, curfew … faced with this situation, with countries like the United Kingdom and Germany at the worst … Read more