Brother threatens to shoot sister in estate issue after father’s death

The police of Livorno arrested 55-year-old Newalsing N. on Friday and placed him in custody for threats and extortion. This suspect got into a fight with his own sister last Sunday and threatened to shoot her. The problem between the parties started after the death of their father. The mother decided to meet last week … Read more

Russia threatens US with ‘most serious consequences’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinkenas was informed, “that the Russian Federation has legitimate fears, particularly with respect to the United States and its NATO “The continued disregard for the continued military deployment of Ukrainian territory against the background of the large-scale deployment of Allied forces and assets near our borders will have the most … Read more

Huge Antarctic iceberg threatens to alter an entire ecosystem –

A giant iceberg detached from Antarctica in 2017 released more than 150 billion tons of fresh water as it melted 4,000 kilometers from its starting point, a huge volume that could significantly alter an ecosystem. The formation of icebergs is a natural process, but warming air and oceans are helping to speed it up, scientists … Read more

Ismaily threatens to withdraw from the League Cup

Cairo: «The Gulf» The Ismaili club’s board of directors issued a statement declaring its “categorically rejecting what the referee of the arena Mohamed Al-Sabahi and his assistant staff committed in the team’s match against Al-Ahly, the most important of which is calculating a penalty kick whose validity is questionable according to the testimony of arbitration … Read more

Saudi Arabia threatens the Houthis: We will respond with full force to terrorist acts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed that it will respond with “all firmness and strength” to “all the cowardly terrorist practices and acts that it is exposed to by the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia, which target innocents and vital installations, and threaten peace and security.” regional and international,” … Read more

Karim Benzema threatens to leave if Real Madrid insist on signing Haaland

Karim Benzema threatens to leave if Real Madrid insists on signing Erling Haaland. INDOSPORT.COM – Bomber Real Madrid, Karim Benzema gave a warning to club officials to cancel their intention to recruit Erling Haaland. According to reports from The National, Karim Benzema has spoken privately with the president Real Madrid, Florentio Perez. He advised that … Read more

Indonesia is angry that Dorna Sports threatens to cancel MotoGP…

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 – 07:53 WIB Valentino Rossi during his last race at MotoGP Valencia 2021. Photo: Instagram/valeyellow46, JAKARTA – The threat from Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta who will plan to cancel the MotoGP event if he continues to enforce mandatory quarantine rules received a firm response from the Minister of Tourism … Read more

Djokovic’s exclusion from the Australian Open threatens the world leader with major consequences

Melbourne – AFP Serbian Novak Djokovic arrived in Melbourne to continue writing tennis history, but the world number one left empty-handed at the risk of not entering Australian soil for three years. In addition to forfeiting the opportunity to win a record twenty-first title in the “Grand Slam”, what are the other consequences of this … Read more

Crytek threatens Dutch mud because of camera mods

Bouma, who owns Patreon-page creates mods that allow adding custom photo modes to PC games. This allows players to use the game’s camera to take screenshots. It also allows users to adjust various elements such as time of day and resolution. Bouma announced on social media earlier this week that he has removed two mods … Read more

Said Iqbal Threatens 4 Million Workers to Strike If the DPR insists on discussing the Copyright Act

Jakarta – The President of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal said 4 million workers would go on a nationwide strike. The plan for the national strike workers will be carried out if the DPR RI and the government insistent discuss all about law Copyright Act. “It could be 3-4 million people … Read more