The EU could impose a single ticket for trains: “A proposal by the end of the year, otherwise Europe will make it”

‘European railway companies still have three months to come up with a plan for a single ticket system, otherwise the European Commission will take care of developing a booking app ». To announce it is Frans Timmermansvice president of the EU Commission, on Dutch radio Bnr. In the European action plan on rail transportapproved last … Read more

Attention! These are the ticket prices for the Juanes and Morat concert at the Atanasio Girardot

On December 17, on the stage of the Atanasio Girardot stadium, two key names in the Colombian music industry will come together in a concert that already promises to be one of the most important in 2022. This is Juanes – the voice of the hits of Black shirt, I pray to God– and the … Read more

Ticket prices for Sherine Abdel Wahab’s concert at Misr University for Science and Technology.. Catch your place

A large number of people are looking for ticket prices for Sherine Abdel Wahab’s concert at Misr University for Science and Technology, which is currently preparing to meet her audience at the new concert, in which she will sing many new and old songs. The date of Sherine Abdel Wahab’s new concert The actress revealed … Read more

2022 Taichung International Animation Film Festival Advance Ticket Sales Countdown Countdown International Heavyweight Focus Director Appears in Taichung for the Exclusive Premiere of Wonderful Works-Life

The much-anticipated and largest animation feast in Taiwan, “2022 Taichung International Animation Film Festival” will be held at Taichung Shin Kong Cinema from September 23 to September 28, with the brand image of the new film festival and the annual visual for the first time. The commemorative “Leader Package” sold out within 5 hours of … Read more

KAI Spreads 77,000 Cheap Tickets, Executive Class Trains Only Rp. 150,000 – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) organized the KAI Expo 2022 which was held in Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, on Saturday 17 to 19 September 2022. This event is also part of a series of KAI’s 77th Anniversary on 28 September. Director of KAI Wisata, Hendy Helmy said, the KAI Expo was held … Read more

New in the cinema – “Ticket to Paradise”: Julia Roberts vs. George Clooney – culture

contents Travel back to the 1990s: The romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise” is nostalgic cinema entertainment that only wants one thing: to spread feelings of happiness. Let’s remember: The last big boom in romantic cinema comedies, often abbreviated as romcom, was in the 1990s and early 2000s. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” or “Sleepless in Seattle” … Read more

Berlin comes with 29-euro public transport ticket

AFP NOS News•Thursday, 17:37 While the national government is still discussing how the successor to the hugely popular 9-euro-ticket should look like, the Land of Berlin no longer waits. There will be a 29 euro ticket. For about one euro a day, people can use all public transport within the city limits for a month. … Read more

Fuel Rise, Ferry Ticket Prices at Bakauheni Port Lampung Tariff Adjustments, South Lampung – Ferry ticket fare in Bakauheni Port, South Lampung experienced price adjustments after the increase in fuel prices. General Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) branch Bakauheni Suharto said there would be an adjustment in the price of the ferry fare in Indonesia Bakauheni Port South Lampung. Price adjustment of crossing … Read more

Officially For Sale, Here’s How to Buy and Ticket Prices for Persija Jakarta vs Madura United League 1 Persija United

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA – Persija Jakarta will face Madura United on matchday 10 Liga 1 2022/2023, Saturday (17/9/2022). Match tickets Persija Jakarta vs Madura United at Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium, Bekasi, has been officially sold. For Jakmania and spectators who want to watch the match at the stadium, here’s how to buy and ticket prices Persija Jakarta vs Madura United. Launch … Read more

“Our complaint was rejected without any explanation”

Published on Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:35 p.m. While he had bought his ticket online, Maarten was fined by the bus conductor. After multiple attempts at contact, Maarten and her father eventually spoke with a staff member from the transit company. Maarten boarded a De Lijn bus with a friend in Leuven last March. … Read more