Sparta clearly mastered the hit of the wheel. Brno also defeated Vítkovice, the White Tigers turned around

Sparta forgot about the long-lasting suffering on the extra-league scene and won high on the ice of the second table. The home team scored their second defeat in a row, they came out completely empty after nine matches. The winner of the winners, Filip Chlapík, scored five points for a hat-trick and two records. Guest … Read more

“Legend match” Zhuang Jing Tigers won the 2021 ACS Winter Championship title “Arena of Valor”

  《Garena Legend Showdown》The 2021 ACS Winter Finals ended on November 21. The finals consisted of Zhuang Jing Tigers (Zhuang Jing Vocational School Team) who ranked first in the regular season against the young Warriors (Youth High School Team) who placed third in the previous regular season. After five long matches, Zhuang Jing Tigers successfully pushed … Read more

For the war in Ethiopia the only possible solution is dialogue – David Pilling

Seldom have a nation’s prospects imploded as dramatically as Ethiopia has. Not long ago this country of 110 million people, the second most populous in Africa, was considered a rare example of economic success. Twenty years of double-digit growth and extraordinary development breakthroughs were erasing the bad reputation associated with poor governance and recurring famines. … Read more

War in Tigray, Ethiopia. Demonstrators criticize the US stance

Ethiopia has been struggling with a huge crisis for a year. Some demonstrators denounce the United States for calling on the Ethiopian government for a ceasefire. The war in Ethiopia (in the Tigray region) has been going on since November 2020, when the left-wing Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) began to fight to grant Tigray … Read more

Hyundai Wu Song? Male “Strange Sound” confronts 11 white tigers and ends GG | International | CTWANT

Many parents often take their young children to the zoo to play during the holidays, but the zoo is not only cute little animals, but also fierce carnivorous creatures. Parents must follow the rules of the park when they take their children to visit. An outrageous incident occurred in the self-driving tour area of ​​Beijing … Read more

Beijing male rushed into the zoo tiger group to face-to-face with 11 white tigers (video) | Beijing Wildlife Park | provoke 11 white tigers | Hyundai Wusong

Beijing time:2021-10-25 10:22 [New Tang Dynasty News from October 25, 2021 Beijing time]A few days ago,Beijing Wildlife ParkOneMale touristGet off the car and break inWhite Tiger Exhibition Area, Confronted with 11 white tigers, and made provocative actions constantly, but fortunately, the group of white tigers did not attack the man. Beijing Wildlife ParkWeibo released the … Read more

Jinmen Tiger’s foreign aid has been introduced in a sudden situation, unable to do “come in two days”_Shenzhen Team

Original title: Jinmen Tiger foreign aid has been introduced and there is a sudden situation, unable to achieve “come in two days” Article source: Tianjin Daily News from our newspaper (Reporter Gu Ying) Today at 16:30, at the Tuanbo football stadium, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers will once again have a warm-up match with Shenzhen. This will … Read more

Warm-up match-Fellaini Leonardo scores Shandong Taishan 4-2 reversal of Tianjin Tigers

Original title: Warm-up match-Fellaini Leonardo scores Shandong Taishan 4-2 reversal of Jinmen Tigers Taishan Evening News Niu Zhiming On June 29, Beijing time, the Taishan team training at the base had a warm-up match with the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers. In the 120-minute showdown, Shandong Taishan team defeated Tianjin 4-2, Leonardo and Fellaini scored, Huang Cong … Read more

Tigers Nahuel Guzmán tests positive for coronavirus for the third time

Jessika Méndez Monterrey, Nuevo Leon / 26.08.2020 11:28:04 Tigers will have to continue participating in the Guard1anes 2020 without counting on the services of Nahuel Guzman, since the feline archer for the third time he tested positive for coronavirus. The Patón he already lost the duels before Toluca and Pumas, in which the club had … Read more

José Luis Higuera: Tigres, Nahuel Guzmán and Gignac screw me up

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 20.08.2020 22:47:15 Jose Luis Higuera He has not mincing words. The now director of the Athletic Morelia put himself in the eye of the hurricane by criticizing the club in a forceful way Tigersas well as its players Nahuel Guzman and Andre Pierre Gignac. Higuera, who was a guest on … Read more