Oscar nomination for Polish film. People and donkeys

That’s a pretty good kind of retirement, I thought at the time. It was a warm, lazy late afternoon in Malibu. In Jerzy Skolimowski’s house, on a steep hill by the ocean, there was an American pool table in the middle of the living room, and freshly painted pictures leaned against the walls all around. … Read more

May February 24 be a day of prayer and fasting

– Spontaneously, we all asked Pope Francis to declare February 24, the day of the outbreak of Russian aggression, a day of prayer and fasting for Ukraine. The Holy Father strongly supported the idea, he even said that February 24 will also be a day of such prayer in Assisi, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of … Read more

MON. Błaszczak announces: New brigades will be created soon

On Saturday, Mariusz Błaszczak took the oath soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces. 68 soldiers joined the ranks of the Lublin unit. It was the first military oath this year and the 46th in the history of the 2nd Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade. – We are creating new WOT brigades. Here, in the Lublin region, … Read more

Putin is preparing a new wave of mobilization? Big changes from March 1

From March 1, Russians who want to leave the country by car will have to book in advance the place, date and exact time of crossing the border in the electronic system. Such an assumption was included in the draft act on motorway traffic. The planned changes were announced a few days ago by the … Read more

Poland did not invite Russia to Auschwitz. Zakharova indignant

“No matter how our European non-partners invented their attempts to rewrite history, the memory of Soviet liberating heroes and the horrors of Nazism cannot be erased,” Zakharova wrote on Telegram. “In January 2022, Russian diplomats were not given the floor for the first time. This year, a representative of the successor state of the USSR, … Read more

Isaac Herzog warns Europe against Iran

“The regime in Tehran knows no borders and Europe cannot afford to continue wreaking havoc in the Middle East,” the Israeli president warned in a text published in Politico. In his opinion, Iran is destabilizing the world order. “Our world order is under attack, outdated doctrines of peace and prosperity are under threat, and therefore … Read more

The Leopard Affair. German media: US angry at Scholz

“The White House intervened in an extremely harsh form at the Chancellor’s Office (in Berlin). Washington is apparently particularly annoyed that the German government has publicly set conditions transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine– writes the head of the foreign editorial office of “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” Stefan Kornelius. According to the author, Germany’s allies reacted with … Read more

War in Ukraine. Archbishop Shevchuk: Russia has begun to rot

– We can see that everything that is opening its murderous jaws in Ukraine today is the result of the diseases of the post-Soviet society, which in Russia, instead of rebuilding itself after the Soviet Union, began to rot – said in an interview for the Ukrainian Pravda portal, the head of the Ukrainian Greek … Read more

The tension on the PO-Hołownia line is rising. “Trust is falling apart”

The last few days have been marked by increasingly stronger friction on the opposition. Although politicians have been arguing for a long time about a possible joint start in the autumn parliamentary elections, the latest subject of discussion is the attitude of Poland 2050 during the vote on amendment to the law on the Supreme … Read more

Kyiv. The head of the CIA secretly met with Zelensky

According to the Washington Post, citing unnamed American officials, Burns made a secret visit to Kiev to give the Ukrainian president predictions about Russia’s military plans for the coming weeks and months. During the meeting, Zelensky and his associates discussed how long Ukraine can expect help from the US and the West after the Republicans … Read more