At 30 cents per roll, the price of toilet paper is only increasing: how can this increase be explained?

Your receipt has increased by 18% this month, compared to November 2021. Product prices continue to climb and among these products is toilet paper. Already in tension during the Covid crisis, its price has increased by more than 43% in one year. How to explain this increase? We are in the toilet paper section of … Read more

Another taboo broken! You don’t need to run after making love

One of the ways to avoid urinary tract infection six It was said that immediately after going to the toilet and urinating. It turned out that there wasn’t a lot of evidence to support this idea. There is surprisingly little research on the question of whether the oft-repeated advice really works. One study found that … Read more

Can it hurt to postpone the toilet visit? | Stories behind the news

This Saturday, on World Toilet Day, attention will be drawn to problems related to sanitary facilities. In the Netherlands, sanitary facilities are generally well organized, but many people do not dare to use them in public. No less than 41 percent of the Dutch do not defecate outside the door, according to previous research by … Read more

What happens if my covid or flu vaccine is canceled due to the toilet strike?

According to latest data on the epidemiological situation in Spain offered by the Ministry of Health, the cumulative incidence at 14 days in those over 60 years of age is 185.55 cases per 100,000 citizens. In addition, they have reported 17,875 new cases, lor that raises the total number of infections since the start of … Read more

The first piece of the Sunak government falls, via Deputy Minister Williamson – Mondo

Gavin Williamson he resigned from the office of Deputy Minister of the British Cabinet Officealready much criticized in the past, due to the accusations of bullying minutes brought against him by a party colleague, Wendy Morton, chief whip in the team of Liz Truss. The reports it Bbc. He is the first member of the … Read more

‘Intimate’ moment on toilet in nightclub goes wrong: man beats up cleaner | Abroad

The incident took place on the night of January 19 to 20, 2022. Fallon pleaded guilty to assault on Monday in Southport court. He has been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of twelve months and must pay the victim compensation of more than 1,500 euros, writes New York Post. CCTV footage, which was played … Read more

The Story of the Exploding Toilet Vacuum Truck, People Covered in Human Stool

HECHI, ​​ – A WC suction truck explodes di Kota Hechi, Chinawhich made the people around him smeared human waste. This incident occurred in 2014. People immediately seek medical care after being scalded with feces and mud, even the owner of a shop had to shut down his business for a week to clean up … Read more