7 Ways to Diet in the Fasting Month Without Exercising, Easy to Do and Not Torture

Jakarta – The fasting month is often used as a place to lose weight. Withstanding hunger during fasting, for some people, it is considered to help make efforts to diet successful. Ways to diet in the fasting month without exercise are also sought after because some people choose not to exercise during fasting. For those … Read more

Colosium. Audios reveal torture of Mario Aburto from detention Grupo Milenio

Mario Aburto Martinez, the confessed murderer of Luis Donaldo Colosio denounced from the first minutes of his arrest, that he was being tortured by the authorities who detained him after the murder of the PRI candidate. an audio which is part of judicial case 41/94 and is found in a box with more evidence of … Read more

“I have always been a tortured spirit”

Does she remember when she decided to become an actress? “ I was 7 years old, and I played in a little theater play about witchcraft. This is where I felt I was going to become an actress “says Marcia Cross to the assembly. ” My teacher pushed me to the maximum, I was bitten … Read more

Each call is torture for Jean-Pascal, 52 and stuttering: “It’s the fact of not seeing the other person”

It is a speech disorder that affects 1 in 100 Belgians: stuttering. It can sometimes give rise to a smile or cause mockery. In France, it is recognized as a handicap, but not in Belgium. Our team went to meet Jean-Pascal. The 52-year-old suffers from a severe stutter. He shares his daily life, his anxieties, … Read more

‘Underage demonstrators in Iran tortured by security services’

AFPA memorial of Mahsa Amini in October 2022 NOS News•Thursday, 10:51 Iranian security forces have tortured children and youth arrested during anti-government protests. This is reported by Amnesty International a report. The human rights organization says that children in detention have been subjected to whipping, electric shocks and sexual abuse, among other things. It applies … Read more

Torture affects brain functions for a long time –

Many asylum seekers state that they have been subjected to torture. Injuries and illness that have occurred are treated and documented at the Swedish Red Cross’ six treatment centers for war-wounded and tortured. The extensive physical and psychological treatment that torture entails entails an increased risk that the structure and function of the brain changes, … Read more

“Mass torture chambers are not random”

The city was controlled by Russia for eight months, starting on March 2 last year. until November 11, when Ukrainian forces entered the city. Lawyers calling themselves the “Mobile Justice Team” said Thursday they had examined 20 torture chambers in Kherson and concluded they were part of a “calculated plan to terrorize, subjugate, suppress Ukrainian … Read more

Russia built torture chambers in the occupied territories, say investigators

The investigation reportedly revealed that Russian forces in several occupied areas were acting according to a very specific plan, he writes Ukrainian justice. “The first phase is to detain and in many cases kill people who are called ‘leaders,’ those who might physically or culturally resist the occupation,” said Wayne Jordash, head of the group … Read more

PSG Boss Allegedly Involved in Cases of Kidnapping and Torture

Paris – The investigation from the French court is targeting Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Bos Paris Saint Germain was allegedly involved in cases of kidnapping and torture. Three judges from a French court were appointed to investigate Khelaifi, Monday (27/2/2023). The team reported that the Qatari man was accused of kidnapping and torturing French-Algerian lobbyist Tayeb Benaderrahmane. … Read more

The torture devices were ready: dock worker testifies about attempted kidnapping by drug mafia (Antwerp)

In the photo: client Yannick W. (35). The torture devices were already ready with which the drug mafia dock worker Pedro wanted to make it clear that he had no choice but to work for them. His kidnapping failed, the victim was able to escape his attackers. They were sentenced to five years in prison … Read more