A total of 4,145 children in West Kotawaringin have been vaccinated against Polio

Nusantaratv.com – A total of 4,145 children and toddlers in West Kotawaringin Regency (Kobar), Central Kalimantan Province (Central Kalimantan), have been vaccinated against polio as an effort to strengthen children’s immunity against the polio virus. “Our target until October was actually 79.1 percent of children vaccinated against polio, but in fact 4,145 children have been … Read more

In total, almost 10 million people. There has not been such a hit in Poland for years

Especially Dębska presented herself from a very good side. The actress, who last year received the Golden Lion for the leading role in the film “Because there is sex in me”, proved that she can also find herself in a much lighter repertoire. Although, as she emphasizes, “there were a lot of emotionally demanding scenes … Read more

Plansee anniversary celebration: 115 employees have been in service for a total of 3,615 years

Honoring long-serving employees was on Plansee’s calendar last week. Traditionally at the same time an opportunity to inform the employees about the current situation of the company. WIDE WANG. Plansee board members Karlheinz Wex and Wolfgang Köck shook many hands. 115 employees were honored this year for 25, 30, 40 or 45 years of service. … Read more

Scandal at England vs Iran match. “Total failure of the FIFA protocol”. Playing with fire M¦

It was the 8th minute of the match between Iran and England. In the penalty area of ​​the team from the Middle East, goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand collided with the defender Seyed Hosseini. The first one fell, writhed in pain and did not get up for a long time. He was hit in the cheek area, … Read more

Hanwha, FA recruit Chae Eun-seong for a total of 9 billion won over 6 years… “Corner outfield and first baseman, plan to use DH” [춘추 이슈]

Hanwha has recruited FA beast Chae Eun-seong (Photo = Hanwha) [스포츠춘추] The Hanwha Eagles succeeded in recruiting an outside free agent that they desperately wanted. The main character is Chae Eun-seong, the best fielder who can be used in various positions from first baseman, outfielder, and designated hitter. On November 22, Hanwha officially announced that … Read more

A total of 12 tricks to set up a delayed Apple Watch to be faster, more fluid, updated in 2022.

For anyone who uses the Apple Watch and encounters problems with the device twitching, slowing or feeling slow, the team has tricks to set up the Apple Watch that may help the device to use faster and more smoothly. A total of 12 tricks to set up a delayed Apple Watch to be faster, more … Read more

Once “Total” begins exploration and exploration operations, will Lebanon benefit?

Subscribe for free to Al Diyar YouTube channel Diplomatic circles accompanying the border demarcation agreement saw that the announcement by the French company “Total Energy” of launching its exploration activities in Block 9, that is, in the “Qana” field, means that the demarcation agreement that Lebanon signed last month with the “Israeli” enemy, mediated by … Read more

Under 100 lbs, the total cholesterol index exceeds the standard. A registered dietitian can quickly reduce alcohol problems in 5 months- Hong Kong Economic Daily- TOPick – Special Contributor

▲ Although Ms. Li weighed less than 100 pounds, she still had excess cholesterol, and she quit eating indiscriminately, resulting in nutritional imbalance. Later, under the guidance of nutritionist Sharon, her cholesterol level finally returned to normal. “You’re so fat, watch out for excess cholesterol!” Many people think that fat people have excess cholesterol, but … Read more