Tragic, this photo of bloodied hands shakes the world’s tears

VIVA – ‘Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun’ (Indeed we belong to Allah and to Allah we shall return). Tarji’s words were spoken on the lips of the world’s Muslim community when they first saw this photo of a human hand covered in blood. This photo spread quickly after being captured and broadcast by humanitarian volunteers … Read more

Wielkopolskie: A tragic car accident. A six-year-old child died

The accident took place on Wednesday at approx. 2:20 pm on the 222nd kilometer of the national road No. 11. As the young asp. Dariusz Szęfel from KPP in Chodzież, the event involved a total of three vehicles – one truck and two passenger cars. – The preliminary findings show that the driver of an … Read more

Tragic processes have begun on the Pacific coast: 1 billion has boiled in the water during a heat wave. sea ​​creatures

The shores of Kitsilan Beach in Vancouver were littered with tens of thousands of baked and rotting marine life, including molluscs, mussels, starfish, and snails, writes They died after the end of June in the province of British Columbia and elsewhere Pacific Ocean Northwestern regions were hit by record highs, rising to 49.6 degrees … Read more

tragic mistake, what killed him – Libero Quotidiano

Marcelo Rocha Santos, was attacked and killed by a shark under the eyes of friends. The tragedy took place on Piedade beach in Jaboatao dos Guarapes, in Brazil, right where 12 shark attacks had already been reported. Santos had been drinking a lot and had thought about peeing in the ocean also to stay away … Read more

Not good, but not tragic for the Fed, according to US inflation

The Fed chairman, who acts as the central bank of the United States, said US inflation could rise further in the coming months and then begin to moderate. Jerome Powell presented his report to the House Finance Committee on Wednesday, before his hearing. In June, consumer prices in the United States rose well above market … Read more

Two deaths leave a tragic weekend in the region

The region had a bad start in its first winter vacation weekend, because only yesterday Sunday there were three accidents that left two people dead and three seriously injured. The first of them took place, around 04:00 hours, at the kilometer of Route 409, specifically at kilometer 74; in the Pan de Azúcar sector. The … Read more

The story of the tragic fate of the family: baby twins and distorted adult bodies in the excavated Viking tomb in Sweden

Archaeologists in these graves were discovered the remains of eight thousand-year-old people — four adults and four children. It is believed that this was a conversion to Christianity vikings. “The Christian nature of these graves, which have now been excavated, is obvious – it can be seen from the way the graves were arranged,” explains … Read more

The secrets of the tragic Jeep accident are revealed: a drunken fugitive drove instead of the dead

In Telšiai district two people fell out of the car in an accident, one was killed. According to the latest data, it is suspected that the accident was caused by a drunk driver, he was arrested. According to the Police Department, the accident at the turn of the Nevarėnai-Juozapavas road took about 20 hours. Without … Read more

The artist Farah Al-Hadi tells her mother that her face was disfigured after she had a tragic accident. Watch: The last reaction!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi raised her mother’s fear and concern for her after she was told falsely about a painful accident. And it appeared in the video that Farah Al-Hadi published through her account on “Snapchat”, Farah Al-Hadi put a fake mark on her face, then photographed herself and sent the photo to … Read more