Horror movies: actors who had tragic stories in real life – People – Culture

20th Century Fox ‘The Prophecy’ (1976) was directed by Richard Donner and starred Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens. Gregory Peck, who plays Robert Thorn, who adopts a demonized orphan boy, was involved in several coincidences that could be deadly. First, the plane in which he was traveling during the taxi was struck by … Read more

WHO advisor calls for caution in the face of the tragic numbers presented by the University of Washington on Chile

The advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the elderly and a doctor in Public Health from Harvard University, Pablo Villalobos, came out to put cold cloths after the projections of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of the University from Washington on the advance of Covid-19 in Chile. Specifically, this entity stated … Read more

“Did you realize that he was going to kill me?”: Details of the tragic night that Angela Ferro lived, attacked with an ax by her partner

Ángela Ferro with Miguel Parra and the collection of axes from Parra. Photos: Oscar Salazar / Facebook.By: César Fuquen Leal Ángela del Pilar Ferro Gaitán is miraculously alive after her sentimental partner, identified as Miguel Camilo Parra Niño, He attacked her with seven blows to the skull, at dawn on Saturday October 17. The events … Read more

Recent Air Crash Cases in Colombia – Other Cities – Colombia

In case of a plane crash, registered on October 13 in Colombia, in which three people died and only one baby managed to survive, it was known in several countries. The plane in which they were traveling fell to the ground in Ubaté, Cundinamarca. “The three adults who were in the aircraft died at the … Read more

The tragic fate of a nurse: she was pregnant, contracted coronavirus, gave birth and died without ever meeting her son

Mariela Romero was 38 years old and a new mother Mariela Romero she was a nurse and worked at the Villa Regina public hospital, in the province of Black river, for 14 years. Throughout his career he worked in various areas, one of the last being the transfer service. Although for a few months his … Read more

The tragic death of Elsa Serrano: the shock of Anamá Ferreira and Miguel Romano

Anamá Ferreyra remembered her friend Elsa Serrano in Intruders The news of the death of Elsa serrano it shocked the entire world of fashion and entertainment. The designer, a fashion icon in the 90s, He died at 73 from suffocation after a fire in his apartment in the Retiro neighborhood. This noon, your friends Anamá … Read more

Virga tells of a tragic accident in which her brother died

Musician Ainars Virga in the 360TV program “Reserved” remembered a serious accident in 2003, when together with the members of the group “Līvi” suffered an accident. Remembering the tragic summer night, Virga says that he was clear-minded, he had not fallen asleep. “I just found out how Jānis had counted, we put up seven rolls,” … Read more

Two people killed in a tragic car accident in Ainaži

Tuesday around 11.00 A serious car accident happened in Ainaži. While driving a Volkswagen Multivan, the man, for unknown reasons, drove off the road and crashed into a tree, reports the program “Degpunkta”. The car was driving from the Estonian side, moving along Valdemāra Street to Ainaži center, when suddenly a tragic accident happened without … Read more

For the tragic accident of the tank on the D1 could screw a tire, police found

The accident happened last October on the 49th kilometer of the highway. A tank and four cars burned down after the collision. Ten people were injured and one person did not survive the accident. The road was closed for several hours, the tanker carrying palm oil. During the diversion of traffic, the car crashed at … Read more

A tragic wedding in Marki. The drunk witness left the party, came back at night to murder the witness

The wedding during which the murder took place was held on Friday in Marki near Warsaw. The event was organized in a detached house. As reported by “Super Express”, Karolina Dz. (24) and Piotr J. (48) – privately a couple – were witnesses at the wedding. “Karolina spoiled the whole party and instead of having … Read more