Lekavičius remembered the transition to PAO: Shar and Pascual called all day, ruined the holidays

“I had to play with him, but he trained less than the others because he was already an older player. I remember he didn’t cover me, he chose something else. I mostly had to play against Justin Dentmon. When I entered the square, Sharas moved to another position, ”L. Lekavičius recalled. The 27-year-old player from … Read more

The transition of the year to fall. Haaland’s father and influential agent deal with the big clubs

Photo source: Reuters The interest of Norwegian striker Erling Haaland is starting to escalate, his father Alf-Inge Haaland and influential player agent Mino Raiola have even visited the first possible destinations. He will only celebrate his 21st birthday in July, yet he is the hottest commodity in the current transfer market. The transfer of the … Read more

Entering the transition season, the body is more susceptible to disease, do this so that immunity is maintained!

freepik.com When the transition season comes, the body will be more susceptible to diseases such as flu. Therefore, it is important to increase immunity so that the body remains healthy. Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Ragillita Desyaningrum Grid.ID – Unpredictable weather sometimes rainy and sometimes hot is a sign of entry transition season. Transition season itself … Read more

Hubble shows the colorful transition between seasons on Saturn

Published: 28 mar 2021 07:43 GMT NASA scientists describe the slight changes from year to year in the color bands of Saturn’s atmosphere as “fascinating.” The Hubble Space Telescope captured in a series of images in 2018, 2019 and 2020 of changes in Saturn’s vast and turbulent atmosphere as its northern hemisphere summer turns into … Read more

Transition to a greener economy in Latvia ”/ Article / LSM.lv

The Nordic-Baltic Business Forum “Nordic Approach to the European Green Course: Transition to a Greener Economy in Latvia” will discuss the transition to a more environmentally friendly business model and the impact of the Green Course on business in general. It will be on Wednesday, March 24, online and live from pl. From 13.00 to … Read more

Ecological transition, Cingolani accuses the PA’s legal approach

Too many jurists and a legal approach to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Public Administration in general. The new minister Roberto Cingolani launches a very hard attack against the structure of his department during a webinar of Ispra and Snpa entitled ‘Presto e bene. The ecological transition from projects to construction sites’. “When I … Read more

Ecological transition, Cingolani: “We need faster authorizations. Green hydrogen is the ideal solution, the future is nuclear fusion”

The pfuture perspective of‘green hydrogen and of merger nuclear power: “The true universal energy source will be the stars. If we have worked well, in ten years our successors will talk about how to lower the price of green hydrogen and how to invest in nuclear fusion ”. The need to speed up – immediately … Read more

Eth2 transition accelerates amid rumors of a mining rebellion

Ethereum developers appear to be accelerating the network’s shift towards Proof of Stake consensus and moving away from the Proof of Work mining community. On March 11, the developer “Mikhail Kalinin” published the Specifications for the future merger of the Eth2 blockchain with the existing Ethereum network. Documentation indicates that the consensus update from PoS … Read more

Private financing most able to drive the transition towards sustainable energy

Dubai, “the Gulf”Christian Borsch, CEO of Siemens Energy, stressed that the world needs urgent investment in renewable and sustainable energy infrastructure to protect the sustainability of this sector over the coming decades, and that government stimulus represents a temporary motivation, while private financing is the most capable of driving the long-term transformation towards Sustainable energy. … Read more

Transition to the orange zone: relaxations come with responsibilities

Regional public health directors are pleased to see that the government has followed their recommendation to move to the orange zone, but are now asking the public to be reasonable with these relaxations. “It’s not over,” recall André Dontigny and Liliana Romero. Both in the Capitale-Nationale and in Chaudière-Appalaches, we consider that it was time … Read more