Look at the trend of surgery to correct “Dropped eyelids”, double eyelids, which are continuously popular

“Dropped eyelids” is another problem that many people are concerned about. It usually occurs at the age of 35 years or more. Nowadays, many people choose surgery to correct the eyelids, which are 2 groups: those with single eyelids, blurred eyelids, drooping eyelids, and drooping eyelids. age which may affect vision In the past, eyelid … Read more

The dollar continues to fall, how long can this trend continue?

On this subject, Henry Amorocho, professor of Public Finance at the Rosario Universitysaid that between the months of January and February there will be downward pressure on the exchange rate because there is an inflow of resources from large taxpayers and monetization of corporate cash flows with the aim of adjusting the financing for the … Read more

SET50 Index Futures price trend swings up, foreigners buy more net – stock dimension

Factors affecting the SET50Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 28 points (+0.08%) to close at 33,978 points after the December Core PCE Price index rose 4.4%YoY, in line with market expectations. In addition, investors are waiting to follow the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday night. As for the direction, … Read more

Majed Al-Kadwani responds to the trend question..Is there a third part of “Family Issue”?

The name of the star, Majed Al-Kadwani, returned to the top of the Google search engine, hours after hinting that a third part of the series “Family Theme” would be presented. The second part of the “Family Theme” series, which was recently shown on the Shahid platform, achieved great success. Majid Al-Kawani in the series … Read more

The Sun: Because of the Argentine goalkeeper… a trend to change the rules of penalty kicks

Goalkeepers are said to be banned from distracting penalty takers after Emiliano Martinez’s controversial actions in the final world Cup To revise the current rules. The International Football Association Board has now decided to introduce new rules and prevent goalkeepers from doing things with the aim of distracting a player before penalty kicks are taken. … Read more

Rising exchange rate of the currency: Who benefits from the upward trend in the euro

Status: 01/27/2023 06:36 a.m The euro is trading at its highest level against the dollar since April 2022. And there seems to be no end to the trend in sight. The resurgent euro is good news, at least for consumers. By Angela Göpfert, tagesschau.de The European common currency will celebrate a small renaissance in 2023. … Read more

Bread – Clear trend

DinSide has previously written about when you can buy the cheapest bread. Recently, several people have noticed that the cheapest bread sold by several chain stores is often sold out early in the day. – We have Prima loff and Prima bread. Both cost NOK 8.90 as of today’s date. It varies how early these … Read more

These are the bags that will be a trend in 2023

Edward BerthelotGetty Images It’s time to peek through the fashion trends that will mark our style choices in 2023. Pastel colours, light textures and many pieces of novelty can already be seen in shop windows and fashion editorials, which make us feel closer to the warm spring. And therefore, they are already sneaking into many … Read more

The wedding of Sherine Reda and Sabri Fawaz tops the trend

The 17th episode of the series “We Bina Maad” caused a sensation among the audience, as the scene of the marriage of the actors Sabri Fawaz and Sherine Reda topped the trend on search engines and was widely circulated by followers. The wedding scene achieved more than a million views, as it witnessed many funny … Read more

The Abu Dhabi market reverses the upward trend of the Gulf indices.. and the Egyptian Thirty achieves a series of historic daily rises

– The Saudi market index rises for the third consecutive session– Aramco shares record the highest closing in a month and a half – The Egyptian thirty-year index achieves the longest series of daily rises in 15 months– The FTSE Abu Dhabi index records the fourth consecutive daily decline– Kuwait’s first index records its highest … Read more